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What is Kakao Friends? A study of Korean cuteness

May 20, 2020

kakao friends tube apeach

Maybe you've heard of it - your favorite idol's phone cover is Apeach, Twice's badge is designed in collaboration with Neo, or you've spotted a cute Ryan pillow while streaming vlogs.

So, what is Kakao Friends? Every Friend of Kakao, Ryan, Muzi, Apeach, Frodo, Neo, Tube, Con and Jay-G, is special. Many witty expressions and acts by Kakao Friends keep users interested and give users something they can connect with.

Started as a signature sticker of Kakao Talk, Korea's most used chatting application, Kakao Friends are the emoticons that Korea likes the most! Users can respond to fun emoticons, making the everyday contact more exciting.

So popular, merchandise started appearing. Nowadays, you can meet Kakao Friends in online and offline stores all around Korea. Kakao Friends merchandise is growing into a lifestyle brand that is offered in both online and offline stores. A daily dose of Kakao fun is provided through toys, household and living products, fashion, stationary, tech devices, collaborative goods and food and beverages. Check out the new and increasing lineup of merchandise available at Kakao Friends Store and add fun to your life.


Want to explore more? Here's a fun and detailed bio of 8 Kakao Friends.

 1. Tube

Tube is the KakaoTalk Friends' Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He's a meek, polite duck on the floor, and he doesn't want to stand up to anyone to get his point across. He's got tiny feet that make him a little self-conscious so he's wearing a pair of flippers to change his look.


2. Apeach

Apeach is a sexy peach brought to life, great for the fun and flirting of your messages. The enthusiastic scientist Con brought Apeach to life, spending his life playing around and performing mischievous pranks on the KakaoTalk friends.


3. Ryan

Attitude is Ryan's field and he has plenty of it! He knows how to display an variety of emotions. The hobbies include confidence, sympathy, sorrow and nervousness.


4. Neo

Neo (a suave and elegant urban cat) has a haircut that deserves to be on a fashion magazine's cover – and she knows it! Neo is a beauty who needn't be asked twice about how stunning she is. However, as you can imagine, this means that she can get pretty bossy with the other Friends. She knows she deserves the best, which is why she’s with Frodo, the love of her life.


5. Frodo

Frodo is the KakaoTalk buddy who can help you get your feelings across with a well-placed emoticon if you are feeling anything a little too deep for words alone.


6. Jay-G

Do you have a passion you’re pursuing after you’re done with your 9 to 5? Are you the cool one that you found in your friends group? If so, Jay-G is the one to help bring your texts to life!


7 & 8. Muzi & Con

Last but not least of the friends of KakaoTalk, Muzi  is a spunky yellow radish brought to life by his scientific sidekick and maker, Con.