Maybe you've heard of it - your favorite idol's phone cover is Apeach, Twice's badge is designed in collaboration with Neo, or you've spotted a cute Ryan pillow while streaming vlogs.




What is Kakao Friends?


Kakao Friends are Ryan, Muzi, Apeach, Frodo, Neo, Tube, Con, and Jay-G. Each one of them is special. Many witty expressions and acts by Kakao Friends keep users interested and give users something they can connect with.


Started as a signature sticker of Kakao Talk, Korea's most used chatting application, Kakao Friends are the emoticons that Korea likes the most! Users can respond to fun emoticons, making regular contact more exciting.

So popular, merchandise started appearing. Nowadays, you can meet Kakao Friends in online and offline stores all around Korea. Kakao Friends isn't only about sending stickers on KakaoTalk anymore.

It's also about creating a lifestyle brand from them. A daily dose of Kakao fun is provided through toys, household and living products, fashion, stationery, tech devices, collaborative goods, and food and beverages.


You can check out the Kakao Friends merchandise on their website! 


If you're a true fan of one of your friends, you will be able very quickly to re-decorate your whole house with all of the items available! From Apeach beauty blenders to Ryan toaster, pancakes makers, colling fan, passing by. 

Want to explore more? Here's a fun and detailed bio of 8 Kakao Friends.

 1. Kakao Friends Tube

 Kakao Friends Tube

In the Kakao friends, I call the first one: Tube!

The Tube is a meek, polite duck on the floor, and he doesn't want to stand up to anyone to get his point across.

He's got tiny feet that make him a little self-conscious, so he's wearing a pair of flippers to change his look.

Did you know that when Tube gets angry, his alter ego takes power and transforms him into a green, upset, unstoppable duck that might spit fire out of his beak-like so?

 Kakao Friends Tube

What better Tube product than a magnet-bottle-opener?! https://store.kakaofriends.com/en/products/6872


2. Kakao Friends Apeach

Kakao Friends Apeach

Apeach is a sexy peach brought to life, great for fun and flirting of your messages. The enthusiastic scientist Con brought Apeach to life, spending their life playing around and performing mischievous pranks on the KakaoTalk friends. 


Also, Apeach knows what it wants! Our favorite cute peach escaped from a peach tree to become the great known Apeach after learning that gene mutation made it monoecious. 


Honestly, you can't miss it! It's very naughty and easily recognizable with this cute pink face and its cute baby's bottom. 


Here's my favorite Apeach product from Kakao Store! 


https://store.kakaofriends.com/en/products/7772  but if you're more a make-up person than a toaster person, here's the perfect object for you: https://store.kakaofriends.com/en/products/6093


3. Kakao Friends Ryan

Kakao Friends Ryan

Ryan, our only lion, has a highly complex story. He was supposed to be future the future king of beasts of the Dung Dung Island in Africa.


However, as we preferred freedom, he decided to escape to live the life he wants. On the contrary to other lions, Ryan has a very short tail not to get caught.  


Don't get me wrong, I know I describe the king of the Jungle and the heir of an Island, but this lion is quite peculiar. He's compassionate and sympathetic. He's often compared to a little girl. 


As we are in the valuable products that change from the basic plushes, here is an Induction cooktop! https://store.kakaofriends.com/en/products/7922  


Perfect idea for one of your friends who love the cute stuff and traveling in a van and a tent. 


4. Kakao Friends Neo

Kakao Friends Neo

Neo is a sophisticated and elegant urban cat. She's the fashionista of the group! She knows every fashion trend and loves to go window-shopping.

She has a bobbed hair with a fringe that deserves to be on a fashion magazine's cover – and she knows it!

Oh yes, you read it well; she knows she deserves the best and how stunning she is. And yes, you can say it, she is an entirely selfish cat!

Who knew it could exist! That being said, you can imagine she can get pretty bossy with the other Friends.

By the way, between you and me, you should know that her confidence is only based on her fabulous wig, but shht! It's a secret! 

We also know Neo for being crazy in love with Frodo, the love of her life. I mean, of course, she's in love with him!

She's always looking for the best of the best. The two often argue, but they always finish to make up after their quarrel.

5. Kakao Friends Frodo

Kakao Friends Frodo

After talking about Neo, let's talk about the unique and only Frodo! 

Frodo is an urban and chic dog.


He comes from a wealthy family and loves everything that is either expensive, bling-bling, or shiny. He and Neo are very matching as they always make sure to be at their best and look good.


However, if you ever talk to him, please don't mention his family and ancestors. Indeed, he's a "mixed breed," which gives him an inferiority complex. We can also say he's a "half-blood" like Severus Snape, but I'm not sure it would help him feel any better.  


With Neo, they form the first official couple of Kakao friends.




6. Kakao Friends Jay-G


Kakao Friends Jay-G

But let's talk a bit of our dear Jay-G. No wonder who is his favorite artist ever! It's Jay-Z, of course.


Although Jay-G seems super confident, he's pretty clumsy, lonely, and sensitive for a secret agent. It might be because he's very nostalgic about his home.


Indeed, Jay-G is a mole, so his family and home are underground. It's been said that he was moved from the underground to find a rabbit's liver. However, as he's a secret agent, it's hard to really know his missions. 


If you are also investigating for secret missions, you might need a bag! 



7 & 8. Kakao Friends Muzi & Con

Kakao Friends Muzi & Con


Dear SeoulMates, we hope you enjoyed our little bios of the Kakao friends. If you know a little more about the lives of Con and Jay-G, please let us know; our detectives couldn't find any other information about them.


Also, don't forget to tell us which one of the Kakao friends is your favorite one.  




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