SeoulBox now has a lot to explain about the new journey with one of the most beautiful and mystical creature found in South Korea, Seoul called Haechi! Let us know more about this amazing and exciting journey in details. 가자 !!!


The Xiezhi (Chinese mythology creature) is known as Haetae (해태) especially in South Korea. According to the records, Haetae's body is muscular and shaped like a lion and has a horn on its forehead. It has a bell in its neck and the body is covered with sharp scales.

During ancient decades, Haetae were used in building architectural sculptures during the early Joseon Dynasty as their image was trusted to be able to protect and guard Hanyang (now Seoul) from natural disasters and to give law and justice among the people. In Korea, haetae is a mythical beast that prevents fire disaster. To prevent fire in Gyeongbok palace, this magnificent creature’s  sculpture was built and placed in front of the palace. Seoul city has officially used Haechi (origin of Haetae) as the symbol of Seoul since 2009.

In English, it is called "the unicorn-lion" or "an omniscient mythical beast".

Highlights And Importance Of Haechi With Our SeoulBox!

As our brand name already coexist by the name "Seoul" itself, we came up with a new and more valuable brand logo for our company SeoulBox! The whole new rebranding of our logo was to bring people close to SeoulBox in many ways. The idea behind it was to show the relation between the new logo Haechi and our Brand name SeoulBox, as this magnificent creature reflects the main official icon of Seoul city! This new journey with our logo was also done to have more of a cultural and traditional insight with combination of yummy Korean delicacies inside our box!

Here is our new brand logo, hope you like it Seoulmates!

We here at our company also have a lot of upcoming and exciting projects in terms of our new logo and one of them is the newly redesigned SeoulBox! Here are some sneak peek for our new SeoulBox as well!!

With this new improvement and redesigning, I hope you guys will for sure fall in love with our new logo! Please leave in your feedbacks and comments!


Author and Creator - Bhagyashree T

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