What is a Korean Box Subscription by My Seoulbox?

What is a Korean Box Subscription by My Seoulbox?


So, you want to try Korean snacks? But your local Asian store doesn’t have enough selection to feed your appetite. So, you look for a snack box service online, but you have no idea where to start? What even is a subscription box?

A Korean Snack Box Subscription is essentially a monthly box that is shipped to your door, of Korean snacks, foods and drinks, essential skincare products the most loved K-pop merchandise etc., that are usually only commercially available in Korea only. The snacks you get sent vary from sweet to savoury to a bit of both and are genuine products that Korean’s love. You can get a single shipment and be done, or you can subscribe to the service on a monthly fee to be sent a box with a new theme and new snacks inside each month. 

What is a Korean Subscription Box for Snacks and Lifestyle products?

As said before the subscription is a bit like your monthly Netflix fee, but instead of a digital service you get sent a variety of delicious and delectable Korean treats as well as a skincare product such as a Korean sheet mask, or a general lifestyle product such as Korean black charcoal toothpaste. All this is for quite an affordable price too! 

Have we tickled your fancy yet? Well, do get one of these boxes, you can order through our main website, choose your box and checkout! It’s quite a simple process, made that way so you can curb your Korean snack appetite as quickly as you can. You can get a single box for a one-off payment, or you can subscribe to a monthly box at a discounted price.

When your box arrives, you can usually expect to have 16-18 different snacks in your box – depending on what fits in the box that month – and your one lifestyle product, 1 piece of K-Pop merch as well as the Seoulbox magazine Seoulzine, which explains what each snack is, their origin and any other fun facts about that month’s theme in terms of Korean culture.

Oh, yeah! Each box has a monthly theme, which makes the collated selection of snacks and products even more exciting! Additionally, Seoulbox also offer more than 1 type of box. Could this get any better? Not only do you have the option for a standard snack box (which is our Signature Box) with everything in it from above and more, there’s also Seoulbox V, which offers vegetarian options for our Seoulmates, as well as our Seoulbox Life, which gives you more in-depth insight into Korean lifestyle by sharing with you more Lifestyle products than the standard box. 

Seoulbox is unique for their snack box service because they’re making it possible for citizens across the world to experience Korean culture, munch on tasty Korean snacks and grab insight into what is available on the shelves through one’s childhood and life as a Korean. The subscription is exclusively full of Korean products, carefully selected by our team so that you can get a real taste of Korea. 

Types of Korean Box Subscriptions at My SeoulBox

As said previously, Seoulbox offer 3 different types of boxes. Here’s the breakdown:

Seoulbox Signature

The signature box contains the best snacks and products from Korea curated to a special theme each month.

Inside the box:

  • Korea-exclusive sweet and savoury snacks
  • In-depth magazine packed with cultural insights
  • Crazy ramens and drinks
  • Unique K-Pop/K-Drama/K-Culture merch
  • Top-rated & lesser-known K-Beauty skincare products

With almost 2000 reviews and a 4.9-star satisfaction rating, the signature box is the most popular with our Seoulmates. 



Seoulbox V

Our V box contains the most essential vegetarian options for our vegetarian buyers. Experience what it’s like for a vegetarian in Korea.

Inside the box:

  • 16 vegetarian Korean snacks and candies
  • In-depth magazine packed with cultural insights
  • Korea-exclusive ramens and drinks
  • Unique K-Pop/K-Drama/K-Culture merch
  • Top-rated & lesser-known K-Beauty skincare products

As popular as our signature box, The V box has just as many reviews, and this is what customers had to say about this option.


Seoulbox Life

The Seoulbox Life option brings to you the joy and excitement of living in Korea. From oceanic Jeju to busy Seoul you get to experience life as a Korean. 

Inside the box:

  • 8-10 hand-picked Korean goodies
  • 1 K-Beauty product
  • 2 K-Pop merch
  • 4-5 Korean lifestyle items
  • Seoulbox Magazine

A bit different from our other 2 boxes, but no less satisfying, the Seoulbox Life box gives our customers great insight into essential life tips and everyday routines of a Korean person.



How to get a Korean Subscription box from My SeoulBox?

So now that you know everything Seoulbox has to offer, you want to know exactly how to get your box? Well, thanks to our hassle-free process, you can get yours quite easily. 

First! Go to our website myseoulbox.com. Second! Choose the box you want. If you’re stuck for choice, take our quiz to determine which box is best for you. Third! Click our ‘Subscribe and Save’ option to get your monthly box at a discounted price. You can pay monthly, or you can pay a quarterly, bi-annual, or an annual fee, each option providing you with super savings! Fourth! Checkout and pay! Fifth! The hardest part- wait for your box to get to you. ㅠㅠ It is as simple as that really. 

Korean Subscription Box without a subscription, Seoulbox it is!

The best thing about Seoulbox, unlike alternative subscription snack box services, is that you don’t have to subscribe! You can indeed buy a one-off box and live happily. If you’ve never been with Seoulbox before and are unsure about subscribing, you are free to just buy one box before you come back to us in the future and subscribe.

Or perhaps you want to buy a gift for a friend or family member? Seoulbox is the perfect place for that. When you select your box, just hit the ‘One Time’ option, and follow the same checkout process as mentioned above. And again, waiting for your box to get to you is the hardest part, but Seoulbox has worldwide shipping, so you’ll have your Korean snacks in no time. 




About the author: Suji was studying in London in the year 2019 and, although being separated from her family, her passion for Korea was growing. She noticed that a lot of her close friends loved Korean culture, food, music, and dramas and gradually started to fall in love with Korea, but there weren't many opportunities to actually "experience" this wonderful nation!

Suji was aware of what she needed to do to introduce Korea to her friends' lives and, conceivably, to those of everyone else who was curious about a piece of Daehan Min-guk.

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