What do Koreans do in the quarantine?

What do Koreans do in the quarantine?

It's been a tough time for us. With near 3/4 of the whole populations being quarantined, 'Corona blue' is not a new term at all. For those who are bored and wondering what to do in current situation, we'd like to give you some insights on what Koreans are doing while staying at home.


1. DIY

It's now obvious that it's more than just the light bulb that needs to be replaced... the more time you spend at home, the more you're going to know how much work to do! For all the time left on your hands, there's no better time to start digging through all those odd jobs you've never had before. Either re-painting the skirting boards or punching a hole in the wall and eventually hanging the mirror up, check out what other DIY projects you can find when you're self-isolating.


2. Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee is the current major trend in Korea–due to the Coronavirus epidemic especially in these odd times with so many being quarantined at home. There's a Korean grandma's video attempting to render the foam with only one spoon. And she wasn't pleased because it took too long long. Yes, that's the point - it takes looooong to make and sweet to taste. What a quarantine treat!


3. K-Drama Marathon

It's finally time to start watching Itaewon Class from start to finish, just as you said you'd, or if you're in the mood to watch something more action-packed, sit back and relax while enjoying the various web drama variations–that'll give you something to do for a week or two.


4. Face Mask

We all know that Korea is famous for supreme-quality beauty treats - especially face masks (and that's the reason why you can get a face mask for every 1 or 2 SeoulBoxes!). Apply a nourishing face mask to get a fast pick-me-up. You may pick one to fix a variety of problems, including dry skin, acne, or brightening up a slender complexion. Whatever you ail, for that there is a mask.


5. Support Fave Bands

Avid fangirls/boys support fave bands by streaming MVs or Spotify songs. Rather than asking what to do when you're bored, just plug-in your headphones. When you get bored music will give you a great business. Build a playlist of your favourite tracks and take advantage of the tunes. If you're a music lover it can suck up your time for 5-6 hours without even knowing it.

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