What are Turtle Chips? | Description and Types

What are Turtle Chips? | Description and Types

South Korea offers a number of sweet and savory snacks. Plus, it’s natural to crave a light-weight bite or 2 when binge-watching a series. Today let's know more about Turtle Chips.

What are Turtle Chips? |Description and Types

Do you wish to bring a style of South Korea nearer to you? Take a glance at this ready-to-eat snack below known as Turtle chips. This way, you can like them from the comfort of your home. 

What are Turtle Chips?

Kkobuk Chips are one of the foremost popular snacks in Korea. Kkobuk chips also are referred to as Turtle chips due to their resemblance to a turtle’s shell.

Another Kkobuk Chip flavors add corn soup and injeolmi. Orion’s Chocolate Churros flavored turtle chips are brand new, and undoubtedly the foremost popular one so far.

Turtle chips are small chips with a puffy texture, the same as a bugle. whereas it's formed sort of a turtle shell, it includes four layers that pack further crunch and texture.

Also, their packaging is definitely recognizable. Every bag has an eclectic graphic style that is appreciated in a comic book strip during a newspaper, however additionally has pictured conspicuously a cute turtle with a beaver.

Turtle Chips are manufactured by South Korean snack large Orion, and they’ve been appearing in more and more grocery stores throughout the U.S.

They get their name from their form, which resembles the shell of a turtle. Turtle Chips are a unit for texture maximalists; they’re the type of chip a Foley creator may use to make the proper crunch sounds for a billboard.

Turtle chips have different flavors. Let's have a look at these flavors and know about their taste.

Turtle chips

What are Different Types of Turtle Chips?

  • Corn Soup turtle chips
  • Cinnamon turtle chips
  • Shrimp Flavour turtle chips
  • Chocolate Churros turtle ships

Corn Soup Flavour: This includes the foremost common, the initial “Sweet Corn Soup” flavor that tastes terribly the same as creamy corn soup or buttered corn-on-the-cob, the flavor is much more subtle: it’s sweeter than you'd imagine. 

Turtle chips flavors

Cinnamon Flavour: If you like sweet chips or are a fan of Churros, you may like ‘Sweet Cinnamon Flavour’ that advertises its flavor with the picture of a cinnamon roll on the bag. This one may prompt some snackers from America of the Taco Bell Sweet Cinnamon twists with its style and texture. 

These chips took constant uncommon shapes because of the corn-flavored version, however, at this point they added a lightweight coating of cinnamon sugar, manufacturing a really completely different style. The chips have a pleasantly soft, crisp crunch and taste like toast. 

Turtle chips flavors

Shrimp Flavour: For Seafood lovers, there is a more classic and saltier choice, there’s a flavor! Turtle chips have a shrimp flavor in them.

Chocolate Churros: The Chocolate Churros Flavoured Turtle Chip was first revealed in September 2020.

Since then, the snack was so popular among Koreans that it’s hard to find in marts and convenience stores. Orion's turtle chips are well-loved Korean snacks with 4 decadent layers of rich chocolate and sprinkles of sugar with a touch of cinnamon.

Delight yourself with those uniquely tasty treats! K-Munchies got your sudden sweet cravings covered! Should keep these churro chips to your pantry staples for a fast energy burst anytime, anywhere. It melts in your mouth, has a crunchy puffy texture, and decadent chocolate center. T

hey are like cookie pop and corn chips in one bite. The primary bite will drive you for more!

Turtle chips chocolate



We had Turtle Chips Chocolate flavor in our June Seoulbox filled with unique Jeju products and it was liked by many of our SeoulMates. 

You may have come across the awestruck turtle in a top hat at your local grocery store.

But if you haven’t been lucky enough to encounter Turtle Chips within the wild, you'll also get them organized online.

Bring to a picnic to share together with your friends this winter, or retreat into your shell and luxuriate in all of them by yourself. 

If you have tried Turtle Chips let us know in a comment if you liked this chips and how it tastes!


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