As we know, Season Greetings relates to Christmas and since it's that time of year, Korean idols have prepared a special package for their fans! 

If you have not heard about it yet, at the end of every year K-pop groups will release a package which is known as Season Greetings. 

Each year these packages will contain distinctive concepts such as sports-themed and some even following movie themes. 

SM Entertainment releases new 2022 Seasons Greeting merchandise of all its  artists | allkpopImage Credit

The packages would include a diary and a calendar as the main inclusion for fans to use for the upcoming year! Additional items such as limited photo cards, posters, and stationaries will vary depending on the theme. 

According to these themes, idols will be dressed in assigned outfits

Let's take a look at 2022's Season Greetings:


BTS dressed up in rock-chic outfits for this year’s season greetings. In their concept clip, they rocked the bad-boy vibe by keeping straight faces and looking at the camera. 

Each of the members has a specific character as their theme is Star turns Villain. 

The package includes the usual – Diary, Calendar, Photobook, and many different additional items to prepare you for a new year! 


Go on an adventure into the wilderness with Twice’s safari-themed Japan season greeting package! The package is named Once-Way.

Whilst introducing the package, the members were dressed in a Safari Ranger outfit.  

TWICE reveal safari-themed poster for their 2022 Japanese season greetings  "ONCE-WAY" | allkpop

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The group also released a Korean version with the title of the concept Letters to You. The members wore neutral-colored outfits giving the package a soft and subtle vibe. 


The 4th Gen Boygroup took us to a carnival this year! The boys greeted Moa and welcome them to the Wari Wari Park where they introduced their roles at the carnival. 

Even their inclusions match the theme with booth tickets and photo garlands printed with the member's faces. 


Seventeen showed off their modeling skills in their teaser video where the members were dressed in vibrant colors and various styles following the theme of a magazine.

Giving a very minimalist vibe to their package, they also provide a variety of inclusions, especially for Carats. 


Having the theme titled Best Friends Forever, the members can be seen having fun on a beach together. 

The outbox of their package is the shape of a luggage bag to indicate that Itzy is out for a holiday to celebrate their friendship!

NCT 127

Their concept clip showed the boys having a photo shoot inside of a pizzeria. The members are professionally posing with a pizza box as a prop. 

Even their outbox is attractive with red labels printed making it look like an actual pizza box. 


Reporting from the weather lab, Enhypen represents various forms of weather. 

The package includes files and weather cards to keep Engenes on track with the climate!

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