South Korea is well known for Lotte World, the almost Disney themed park. Then, you probably know Everland but there are also weird themes park like the Imsil Cheese Theme Park when you can see buildings with cheese forms and create cheese, which is quite unusual if we think about it.

You probably all love Amusement Parks. For some of you, it will be because of the big thrills and strong sensations a ride can give you, for others, it will be for the thematic of the park or maybe for both.

But do not worry we here at SeoulBox have some exciting rides of amusement parks. If we talk of scary rides in South Korea you will probably remember the viral video of 2019 with the Drop Tower.

If you haven’t followed the story after seeing this video, you might be disappointed to learn that it’s a fake. Just like the rides in Everland, this montage is inspired by the actual ride Gyro Drop in Lotte World. As you can see in the video below, as it might be scary for some people, but the real ride is way more chill and seems childish compared to the fake one.


With SeoulBox let's go through six of the scariest rides. As we were talking about Lotte World and Everland, let’s stay there for two more rides. The two rides are somewhat similar: Atlantis Adventure and French Revolution last 1’48 and 1’45 and you go through lights and the decors of Lotte World which makes it very immersive and interesting. French Revolution has a loop in its circuit while Atlantis Adventure is more about drops. If you want to go crescendo, believe us, begin with French Revolution and then Atlantis Adventure, you’ll enjoy the thrills even more!


Though the famous parks are Lotte , let’s take the train to Daegu now. There you will be able to go to Gyeongju World

Gyeongju World is the biggest amusement park in South Korea. It has more than 25 rides for children and adults too. If you like zero-G, inversions, loops and corkscrew, you should definitely go there!  The Draken is the 6th 90° dive coaster in the world. It also has two inversions. We members at SeoulBox highly recommed you this!!


The Phaethon, on its side, has six inversions, two corkscrews and a zero-G roll. 


If you want, on your road back to Seoul or while going to Gyeongju, you can go to another famous Amusement park: Everland. Everland is situated in the South East of Seoul in Gyeonggi.

The park is completely outdoor like Gyeongju World. Two famous and scary rides are T Express and Rolling X Train. T Express is a wooden ride which makes the feelings very different from steel rides. It’s also known for being the tallest wooden ride in the World with a height of 56m. The drop of this ride is 46m and its maximum speed is 106km/h. Even though it seems to be a lot, it’s only the 10th fastest wooden ride in the World. This means you will find scarier rides than this one. On the other side, X Train is a steel ride known for its double corkscrew and two loops.


Maybe after such thrills you will be a little hungry. If so, go get some churros! It’s one of the most chosen snacks of the park. This is why, we decided to put some in our SeoulBox which revolves around The Amusement Park Theme! Don’t forget to order it! 🎡

As what defines scary is very subjective we thought it would a better idea to ask you which one you think is the scariest. As I’m very sceptical of drops but love inversions, corkscrew and loops, I would say Draken or T-Express.


Tell us,  which one you would be the most afraid of doing in the comments! 👇✨



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Author : Camille Dsz

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