If you thought that all there was to a Korean Spa was the various sauna rooms, you will be gladly mistaken.

Korean Spa Activities

The various amenities and other extra activities that can be found at the spa is also what makes it such a interesting and unique experience.

There are some common amenities offered at these spas such as massages, exfoliation, and even Wi-Fi. However, there are some places, particularly when the spa is fancier and or newer, that have some uncommon offerings available to visitors.

Korean Spa

Here are a few of those activities or amenities that can be found at the spa.

1. Dining

Okay here me out, Korean Spas having a restaurant in them is actually the norm, so need to worry about going hungry for the day, but the offerings on the menu can vary rather greatly. Bibimbap, bulgogi, tea, and smoothies are common menu items but how large of a menu selection there is, is where the differences come into play.

Some spas may even have juice bars as well as a restaurant. At the juice bar you may find some light snacks, fruit, and maybe even some Boba tea to snack on in between visiting the various sauna rooms.

Korean Spa Dining

2. Fitness Centers

Spas are known for and love to tout their health benefits. Clearer skin, improved circulation, and  just overall improved well being, so it makes sense that you may see some sort of fitness center or yoga studio there as well. There are spas that even have some sort of program to help with weight loss.

Korean Spa Fitness Centre

3. Rooms

While most Korean spas have opening and closing times, there are some where the party never seems to stop and they operate 24hrs. In those cases, those spas will have sort of sleeping accommodations that they offer to their guests.

These accommodations can be very basic, so don’t expect a 5 star hotel. There are some spas that may even offer capsule hotel like accommodation.

Korean Spa Rooms

4. Lounge Area

The spa experience is for the most part a rather quiet experience but the lounge area is where you can go to freely talk with your friends.

The lounge is a  good place to take a break, eat a snack or two, and watch some T.V. if you wish.

5. Arcade/Karaoke

This is definitely not a common activity that can be found at a Korean Spa but some newer or fancier may have an arcade and karaoke rooms.

There may even be PCs available for gaming and the karaoke rooms are private rooms that come with microphones and screens so that you and your friends can sing your hearts out.

These are some of the activities/ amenities that can be found in a Korean Spa. Which activity sounds the most fun to you?

Korean Spa Arcade Room

For me, trying out the restaurant menu is definitely a must, I’m a foodies so I’ll probably try my hardest to try everything on the menu. Karaoke and the arcade are neck and neck for  second place, but I definitely would like to try both.

Let us know which all of the above activities would you like to try on your Korean Spa visit?


Author - Rian.

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