You’re on a trip through Seoul and want to sit down for a cozy break at a cafe? We got you! Let’s take a look at 5 of the best CafĂ©s in Seoul.

Best cafes in Seoul

What are the best cafes in Seoul?

1. Darim Warehouse

2. The Osulloc Tea House

3. Coffee Hanyakbang

4. Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe

5. Catlover Garden


1. Darim Warehouse

Darim Warehouse Cafe In Seoul

While walking through the trendy neighborhood of Gangnam District, you will come across the Daerim Warehouse, also called the “Brooklyn of Seoul”.

It’s the perfect spot to relax, built with wooden dĂ©cor and exposed brick walls. The building was a factory before it was converted into a cafĂ©, leaving the industrial style. Daerim Warehouse is quite expensive for the regular traveler but you will find everything here, from great coffee to tea.

And if you’re hungry pick one of the salads, pizza, or choose a pasta dish. And after fulfilling all your needs, make sure to check out their art gallery.

2. The Osulloc Tea House

The Osulloc Tea House Cafe in Seoul

The Osulloc Tea House can be found while walking through Myeongdong, Insadong, Daekhakro, and Apgujeong.

Osulloc is a famous Korean green tea brand and their Tea Houses specialize in green tea-based drinks, cakes, and sandwiches.

Here you can experience the Korean tea culture, in Myeongdong there are three floors dedicated to tea merchandise and seating areas.

The modern but vintage atmosphere makes relaxing here a special experience.

All Osulloc Tea Houses offer free Wi-Fi and are very quiet.  If you also want an amazing view on top of your delicious drinks and food you should go to Insadong and enjoy the beauty of Seoul from the higher floors.


3. Coffee Hanyakbang

Coffee Hanyakbang Cafe In Seoul

Coffee Hanyakbang is a traditional Korean coffee shop, is one of the cafes in Seoul nestled between old buildings in the Euljiro neighborhood, hidden away from tourists.

The building the Café is located in is known for its rustic interior, creating a cozy atmosphere for lovers of coffee. The menu offers hand-drip coffee, various lattes, and even Dutch coffee for a small price.


4. Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe

Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe

In contrast to the small traditional Coffee Hanyakbang, there is the Stylenanda Pink Pool Café.

This cafe in Seoul is located on the 5th or 6th floor of the Stylenanda Pink Pool Hotel and can be accessed over the elevator by everyone. The two floors of the café have a different style but are both quirky and unique.

And not only the Café itself is the perfect motive for a photo, the drinks are also worth a photoshoot!


5. Catlover Garden

Catlover Garden

If you are looking for cats and coffee at the same time your destination of dreams is the Catlover Garden. The owners of this shop rescue cats and house them.

They roam freely in the CafĂ© and love cuddles and attention. The Catlover Garden menu offers iced drinks and tea, coffee if course, and sweet treats as well as sandwiches. Don’t forget to snap a few pictures with the cats!


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