Have you ever imaged as to what is your favorite K-pop idols go-to snacks? And especially if they are BTS!! Well, if you are not sure about BTS snacks which are most preferred and loved , then do not worry we have that all covered for you in this article!!

BTS snacks

How good are Korean snacks?

Korean snacks are a crazy hit worldwide lately, and you’ll can easily get them at convenience stores in Korea. Out of the hundreds of Korean snacks and treats, since they are so many kinds of snacks it can be confusing for you to choose at first. 
South Korea produces a number of the world’s best snacks. You’ll find many Korean snacks accompany with mixture of salty, sweet, and spicy flavors. Some have flavors that are close but with a Korean twist, and all others are completely different from typical American snacks. Korea is heaven for snack junkies!



What are favorite BTS snacks? 

After the successful release of the BTS meal under McDonald’s, people are bound to be extra interested about what other snacks they do enjoy when they are not on a strict diet. From Butter to Permission to Dance, BTS never let down fans with their incredible performances. There is no doubt that RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jimin and Jungkook are incredibly talented but they're also extremely charming. This makes people curious in their every move and even copy what they like, even their favorite snacks.


We are here to take you on a small tour about the snacks that BTS idols eat on their daily routine and favorite BTS snacks, and you should try these out, too!

 Here are few favorite BTS snacks:

  • Ggool Kwabaegi

  • Honey Butter Chips

  • Banana Kick/Gyeran Gwaja

  • Home Run Ball

  • Churros

  • Ramen Cup

  • Seaweed Chips

  • Cheetos

  • Macaroni Bbeongtwigi

  • Turtle Chips


Ggool Kwabaegi:

A twisted snack coated with thin layer of honey which is very delicious, one of Jimin and Taehyung’s favorite snack that they were fighting over it, you can check this out in the video below.


 Honey Butter Chips:

This Honey butter Chips is sweet buttery flavor with a hint of honey on it. It’s not too salty not too strong in flavor, this is also one of favorite BTS snacks which you can see Jimin having it in the above video as well.

Honey Butter Chips

 Banana Kick/ Gyeran Gwaja:

There are varieties of snacks which are more like caramelized corn puffs and Chocolate flavor which is crunchy and light more of Banana flavor and they melt away as you eat. it was seen that Banana Kick and Gyeran Gwaja( Egg Snack) were eaten by Jungkook in fansign, as it is one of Jungkook’s favorite snacks and are also all Koreans favorite.

Gyeran Gwaja

 Home Run Ball:

One of another favorite BTS snacks, this biscuit comes with a chocolate filling inside a ball and it is crispy soft cookie. These snacks were eaten by Jimin and J-hope in a fun game where Jimin were throwing snacks in the air and catching it with his mouth and J-hope threw snack in his mouth that was “Home Run Ball”.

Home Run Ball


Churros are also known as Turtle Chips, there are different flavors like Prawn Flavor, Seaweed based or Coconut Flavored they are small in size and crunchy to eat. Jhope and V were seen eating these snacks at backstage making a heart of it in 2015 and 2018. No doubt churros are favorite BTS snacks!

Ramen Cup:

As this being a Korean native snacks it is one of favorite BTS snacks which is most preferred of all time. You will see them eating while they are live or in BTS Run episodes.

Seaweed Chips:

It is a crispy Seaweed based snacks in which you get calcium, Iron, Potassium and they are high Fiber. This snack was eaten by Jungkook in Vlive and it is also his favorite snack.


There are different flavors of Cheetos as we all like and it is a common snacks consumed worldwide. Speaking of which this International snacks is one of favorite BTS snacks as well where you can see RM holding Cheetos in his Vlive.


Macaroni Bbeongtwigi:

It is also crunchy yummy in taste and have different flavors some are spicy, cheesy and it is pretty addicting. This is the snack eaten by Jimin, Jungkook and Jhope in Run BTS episode 55 while playing game.

Macaroni Bbeongtwigi

Turtle Chips:

These chips are made up of Giant Orion with puffy texture similar to Bugle, and it is shaped like a turtle shell. It’s sweet and salty you will see this chips eaten by Suga in one of the clip. It turns our to be one of BTS snacks that they like the most.

Turtle Chips


As for having a knowledge about these Kpop legends, we know one thing for sure that their daily eating lifestyle revolves around all nutritious and healthy food this is because to maintain their diet and make sure are immune from not being sick. Their daily lifestyle depends on protein shakes, energy bars, fruits and vegetables, salads with the right amount of meat and eggs in eat.


Did you know about these BTS snacks and their daily routine if yes then please comment below!


Author - Sharon Lewis

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