Let us see BTS's favorite food as many K-pop fans/army are curious to know about idols most favorite.

  • Kimchi

  • Noodle Dishes

  • Ramen

  • Meat

  • Pizza/Burger

  • Seafood

  • Chicken


We all know Kimchi is one of the favorite dishes of all Koreans, and like we already know BTS's favorite food, we might also know whose favorite dish is this? Yes, it is none other than J-Hope (Hobi).

Hobi loves Kimchi Delicacies which include Kimbap, Kimchi Stew, Kimchi Bokkeumbap, Kimchi fried rice, and Kimchi Jjigae. Kimchi Jjigae is Jimin’s (Chimmy) favorite dish in particular. However, we also know in the Run BTS episode 35 members actually cooked Kimchi.

It was a funny episode where all the members called their parents to ask how to make certain parts of the recipe. If you haven't watched this episode yet you should watch it.


Noodle Dishes:

Amongst the varied noodle dishes in Korean cuisine, we all know that Naengmyeon and Kalguksu are a few the boys wish to eat. Jin especially likes Naengmyeon and it's his favorite too and RM enjoys Kalguksu.

Both dishes are warm and mostly eaten in summer. They also have an intense flavor and mild taste. Taehyung's(V) favorite noodle is Japchae as he is a hardcore noodles lover and any type of meat with it.

Taehyung also loves sweet Potato starch noodles stir-fried with vegetables and meat and he also loves it with rice(bap) and our Leader (Rap Monsta) once claimed that he loves Korean knife noodles. 


You all might be wondering why we did not include Ramen with noodles as both are the same dish. So here we Army's/fans know how it is one of the BTS's Favorite Food.

Let’s start with the youngest member of BTS Jungkook also our Kookie once tweeted six-packs of Ramens images at midnight in Korea he

uploaded two pictures one of full packed Ramen and one picture of empty cups so here we come to know our Maknae is a diehard fan of Ramen. He is not the sole one with such a love of Ramen,

Episodes, Bon Voyage, or wherever they travel you will always find a cup of ramen with them and in many other shows.

BTS noodles


It’s no surprise that BTS's favorite food lies in meat, especially when they’re home they enjoy eating their favorite foods. J-Hope, Suga, and therefore the other performers shared their love for bulgogi, which is marinated slices of beef or pork, grilled on a barbecue.

You will see in many reality shows members making meat all our members are meat lovers. In recent Run episode 140, they had many different games and tasks to finish and if they fail the task they had to remove one dish from the table and there were many dishes like meat, fruits, ramen, and their BE album as they lost one round member did not hesitate to remove their album how much they hesitated to remove the other foods.

Though BTS lost the task and all of their foods the last dish was left with them was meat which is every member's favorite. This is not only where BTS showed their love for meat you will see many various shows like “In The Soop” where members are cooking different meat dishes. 



Pizza And Burger: 

Again we all know pizza and burger is also our BTS's favorite food and also get in every country. Once members shared their picture where they all are eating one box of pizza each, however wherever they travel the member's order burgers and also they released Mac-donalds BTS meal.

The BTS meal is the first name which is named after an entire group. They released their favorite dishes from Mc Donalds that are nuggets, coke, fries, sweet chili sauce, and cajun dipping sauces. 

What are the BTS Members Favorite Food and Meals? - Syndicasian


BTS oldest and caring member Jin loves food a lot and he has started his own show that is “Eat Jin” which we miss every time and can never miss watching whether we know the language or we don't, he not only love eating he is also a very good chef he can cook everything from sushi to pizza.

However Jin is a seafood lover his favorite dish is lobster during Summer Package 2018 shooting Jin ate 10 lobsters alone, and once he also said during lockdown he used to eat only sashimi every day.




Korean fried chicken is additionally very fashionable and much-loved. Some are fried with original spices (plain), but some are added with spicy spices like gochujang and honey.

This Korean fried chicken is typically enjoyed with Danmuji (yellow pickled radish). Korean people don't eat fried chicken with rice. Therefore they're ready to spend half to 1 whole chicken per person. Usually, Korean people enjoy fried chicken a lot while relaxing and while drinking beer.

One of BTS's Favorite Food is Korean fried chicken, you know, foodies! He was so keen on one of the interviews that he said that he would bring fried chicken if he was stranded on an uninhabited island.



What Are BTS's Favourite drinks?

  • Jungkook (Banana Milk)

  • Taehyung (Coke Cherry Flavoured)

  • Suga, J-hope, Jimin, Jin, Rm (Coffee)

Jungkook (Banana Milk):

Jungkook doesn’t like regular coffee and he prefers to drink light sweet drinks like caramel frappuccinos, matcha lattes, or Banana milk. He had once tried espresso and his facial reaction was changed like an emoji.

If you’re a huge Jungkook fan, then you'll already know the answer to the question ‘what is Jungkook’s all-time favorite drink.’ For those of you who don’t know, you'll at a minimum safely eliminate coffee. Jungkook’s favorite drink is banana milk.

This is often something that he has said he’s loved since he was a tough kid and he can still be caught on camera drinking the treat. Banana milk was also famous in Indonesia as it is often because Jungkook BTS was caught enjoying Indomilk banana milk also.

Korean banana milk recipe

Taehyung (Coke Cherry Flavoured):

As we all know V is not an alcohol lover though he started drinking alcohol now little he mentioned in a recent Billboard interview.

However, V is a coke lover with cherry flavored drinks and he can drink everyday. Even if the members hang out and go out to drink or for food, Taehyung will sit with his favorite drink (Coke).


Suga, J-hope, Jimin, Jin, Rm (Coffee):

BTS’ coffee addict is Suga. All of the members know that Suga’s coffee addiction runs so deep that they don’t even ask him if he wants a coffee order anymore, they only get him one.

Suga has said that an iced americano is adequate to happiness for him and he drinks it even on an empty stomach when he knows it isn’t good for him. He drinks only because he loves it so much.


J-hope Jin: 

Once in an interview J-hope mentioned his favorite coffee is espresso and he loves coffee. However, Jin also loves coffee and other drinks.


Jimin and Rm:

In 2020 when Jimin and Rm had come live during a pandemic they featured one of their own coffee recipes on V-live and they made Dalgona Coffee which is South Korea's famous drink.

This coffee was made of Milk, sugar, and whipped cream, and also when they are on tour they prefer to drink coffee as it is also one of their favorite drinks.


Did you know all of the BTS's Favorite Food or not? Let us know in the comments.


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