We Interview Oh Daun, A Korean Plus-Size Model Who Is Breaking All Stereotypes!

We Interview Oh Daun, A Korean Plus-Size Model Who Is Breaking All Stereotypes!


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Meet Da Woon Oh, a plus-size model who against all odds and stereotypes, has slowly gained visibility in the fashion industry where plus-size models are often not as represented in comparison with smaller models. Nowadays the market for plus-size clothing has increased, which on a certain way helps models increase their popularity.

Huge, recognized brands in the fashion industry are now offering a clothing line for women of all sizes. But without further ado, lets get to know more about this amazing person and model, her experience in the fashion world, and what made her love modeling.

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Seoulbox: When did you develop an interest in modeling? Did you want to be a model from a very young age, or did you only get interested in it later?

Daun: When I was younger, I wanted to become a singer, but I didn't have much confidence because I was chubby. When I grew up, I realized that I could also be a plus-size model and applied for that once (지원). There was an ad for plus-size model hiring in a shopping mall, and it was also a part-time job, so I applied to that one.

Seoulbox: And how was the reaction of your family? Did they support your decision?

Daun: At first, they only thought about it as just a part-time job. Then, later, when I started doing it more professionally, and they saw that I take pride in it and felt confident, they started supporting it.

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Seoulbox: Korean fashion is a hot topic abroad, but what do you think about the Korean fashion scene?

Daun: Firstly, there are a lot of nice clothing, and Koreans are very concerned with trends in clothing, so I think it's nice that there are always a lot of different clothes to pick out from.

Seoulbox: And do you think Korean society is influenced by different trends in fashion or the modeling scene?

Daun: Even when I first started modeling, there were not too many jobs for plus-sized models. There was not too big of a difference even for small, medium, and large sizes. But as I've been working in the plus-size modeling industry, I could clearly see how this body type was getting more recognition.

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Seoulbox: How do you usually introduce yourself: model or plus-sized model or a natural-sized model, as it is written in your bio, which I found great.

Daun: Usually, I just say I am Daun, a plus-sized model. But, compared with the American standard for plus-sized models, the size is still much smaller in Korea. So, a plus-sized model will be a large size or an extra-large size model.

It's also challenging to become a plus-sized model both in Korea and abroad. So, there is still not too much interest in plus-sized models in Korea.

Seoulbox: Do you think it's important to show different types of beauty in the mainstream media? Why?

Daun: Of course, it's important. In Korea especially, the slim body type is considered very pretty. So, I think through such media, we can make people who are chubbier be more confident and able to wear nice clothes and even make such clothes in different sizes.

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Seoulbox: Do you think that recently there have been changes in Korea's beauty standards?

Daun: I've thought that, unlike before, when there was only one definition/view on beauty. Now people can express their personality more openly, and there is more freedom when defining beauty.

Seoulbox: What is the best thing about being a plus-sized model and the most challenging thing?

Daun: Even though it was hard to begin this journey, I am still doing what I enjoy, which is a definite plus. But, even when working, I still have unpleasant experiences sometimes.

Seoulbox: For instance?

Daun: Well, they might compare you to smaller-sized models, but that doesn't happen too often, but it still takes place sometimes.

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Seoulbox: What would you want to achieve with your career/work as a model?

Daun: I've suffered quite a lot growing up, so I think that young girls who are not as slim, living in Korea, really need a boost of confidence. So, if by looking at me, they would get more confidence to be themselves, wear whatever they want, and not feel awkward around other people, that would be incredible.

Seoulbox: Is there anything you'd want to say to people who might watch this interview?

Daun: I hope you will support and like me as a plus-sized model Daun. And whether you are fat, slim, have light-tone or dark-tone skin, I'd like to encourage you all to wear whatever you want, do whatever you want, and ignore other people and their judgments! I'd just like to tell everyone to live as they want!

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Daun is definitely a great example that with hard work, dedication and not letting your dreams sink, you can accomplish everything you desire in life. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve your dreams. We invite you to follow Daun on her social media profiles and learn more about her and the fashion industry.

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If you have any thoughts about Daun and the plus-size, natural-size fashion industry, share it with us in the comments!

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