Wavve Launching South Korean LGBTQ+ Show

Wavve Launching South Korean LGBTQ+ Show


Wavve is adding two new reality shows to its platform – South Korea’s first LGBTQ+ shows!

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

The streaming service made the announcement on June 16th.

“Merry Queer” will focus on queer couples and their challenges “coming out” to their families and communities. “Stranger’s Love/His Love” will follow single men moving in together to learn each other’s true feelings. Both shows are airing in July.

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

In a statement, Wavve said: “It will not only be fresh but also be extremely fun, we are going to discuss and showcase social issues that we want the viewers to seriously think about and sympathize with.”

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We’re thrilled that Wavve has taken this step forward. All the best to the cast and crew!

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