Vixx’s Hyuk Leaves Jellyfish Entertainment and Writes a Letter to his Fans

Vixx’s Hyuk Leaves Jellyfish Entertainment and Writes a Letter to his Fans


Hyuk, Vixx’s youngest member wrote a letter to his fans (STARLIGHT) stating that he’ll be departing from Jellyfish entertainment, and he uploaded the handwritten letter to his Instagram profile.

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He began the letter by expressing his confusion as he didn’t know how to share this news with his fans, but he preferred telling them personally. 

He mentioned that it’s his first time in such a challenge and he doesn’t know what is going to happen in the future but he assured his fans that he’ll always treasure and cherish the moments he shared with them. Hyuk continued saying that he’ll keep doing his best and he expressed his gratitude to Jellyfish Entertainment for giving him the chance to meet VIXX and he ends the letter by sending his love to STARLIGHT (VIXX’s fandom).

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Find the letter’s translation below:

 “Hello, I'm VIXX Hyuk. I wondered about how to say this to STARLIGHT. I thought about writing it down because I thought it would be better to tell you in person than to let you hear the news through articles or other places. I decided to wrap up the last 10 years at Jellyfish and reorganize to move into a new environment. I know May is a month of the 10th anniversary to our VIXX members and STARLIGHT, so I wanted to tell you only good news, and I finally told you my news because I wanted to enjoy with you our anniversary. 

I'm worried if I surprised you by the sudden news. I am unfamiliar with the situation as It's my first-time experiencing challenges. But, I want to tell you that the time I spent with you on stage was the most memorable moment of my life and that will never change. No matter where I am, I will do my best to be your artist and the youngest member of VIXX, Hyuk.

 Please remember that there is always starlight at the end of my path. Lastly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Jellyfish Entertainment's family for allowing me to meet VIXX, which are the same as my roots, and STARLIGHT, helping me a lot during the time I grow little by little.

Please continue to trust and watch VIXX’s youngest member, Hyuk and Han Sang hyuk (Hyuk’s real name). I love you, STARLIGHT!”

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He captioned the letter saying, I don’t know if my sincerity will be conveyed well, but with support, concerns and encouragement, I will become VIXX’s Hyuk, Han Sang Hyuk that grows and emerges and the fans STARLIGHT, were so nice and showed support to Hyuk in the comments.

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The comments were full of joyful cheering and support for Hyuk, where a fan said “Surprised but I’ll like Hyuk wherever he is” and another fan commented saying “We will always support you wherever you are!

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

Wishing Hyuk, the best of luck in his upcoming challenge!

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