As you have read on one of our blogs, the Bangtan Boys are officially on the social media platform Instagram. And thanks to this, ARMY can now be and feel closer to their favorite idols.

All BTS members rapidly gather huge amounts of likes and follows, but one was conquering the social media, Taehyung. 

He broke Angelina Jolie’s record of being the person who reached 1 and 10 million followers in the fastest time; and Billie Eilish’s record of being the idol who reached 1 million likes in the fastest time.

He now has 20.4M followers on the platform and I believe this number will keep going up, as well for the other members of the K-Pop band. 

Kim Taehyung's Instagram Account

Guiness World Records Twitter account had something interesting to say about the idols joining Instagram.



We can conclude that ARMY never stops to amaze us, V breaking this record is thanks to his huge fanbase.

Where you one of the fans who helped him?

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