Upcoming K-pop Groups Anniversary in June, Ready to Celebrate?

Upcoming K-pop Groups Anniversary in June, Ready to Celebrate?


Since the very beginning of the Hallyu, the entertainment companies have competed in the industry as there were always promotions and campaigns going on for K-pop groups and more, and each year several groups make their debut. 

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As of June, there are multiple groups who have debuted in this month and for K-pop groups, the group's anniversary is such a special occasion that they celebrate with their fans by either making special performances or special appearances or streaming or releasing a special title or even holding an event.

Likewise, the fans find it a special date when they like to celebrate their favorite K-pop group's anniversary by sending special gifts to the group, supporting, and cheering for them.

let's see few of the K-pop groups who will have K-pop group anniversary in the month June:


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BTS made their debut on 13 June 2013, such a special date for a special group! BTS made their debut with the release of their debut single album 2 Cool 4 Skool with the title track "No More Dream" on 2013.

This year is the 9th year of BTS in the industry and on their group anniversary they have announced on their Official Twitter account that they’ll perform Proof live (with a special guest) on 2022.06.13. 9PM KST equivalent to 8AM ET.

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They’ve also announced the schedule for their usual two-week celebration “Festa” starting from the 13th of June until the 22nd of June. Keep Shining BTS!

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The super talented girl group Mamamoo will also have their K-pop group anniversary on the 19th of June. Mamamoo officially debuted on June 19, 2014, with the mini album Hello.

Mamamoo has been known for their uniqueness and astonishing performing skills since they debuted, you can see their debut stage over here. Mamamoo likes to celebrate with the fans by uploading special videos as a gift to their fandom (MooMoo).

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I can’t be more excited to see what Mamamoo is going to do on the anniversary! Congratulations Mamamoo, Stay queens! 

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Weeekly, the bubbly girls have made their debut under IST Entertainment on 30th of June 2020 with their first mini album We Are. The girls have showed a great talent since their first stage, and their energy and stage presence always stand out.

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Last year, Weeekly in the anniversary, a pop-up store merchandise event was held, and some members posted special messages to the fans on Weverse to celebrate the group anniversary!

Watch the debut stage here and follow the girls on YouTube, Vlive and Twitter to know what will they do in their upcoming group anniversary!


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E’LAST, the K-pop group with the powerful voices, visuals, and performers. The group debuted under the company “E Entertainment'' and they were previously known as EBOYZ and later was changed to E’Last where their name is an abbreviation of the word ‘Everlasting’.

Isn’t it beautiful! The boys have debuted on June 9, 2020, check the debut stage here.

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Last year they E’LAST celebrated their first anniversary with the fans and hosted a fan meeting event under the name of E'LAST & ELRING (their fandom name) 1st Anniversary Event, and to see more of their activities, we invite you to their Twitter profile.

This year it will be E’LAS’s 2nd official anniversary as a K-pop group, congratulations to E’LAST and ERLING! You can check E’LAST’s latest MV here.

Omega x

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No wonder that OMEGA X has a bunch of impressive talents as some members have competed before on idol survival reality shows like Under 19, The Unit, MixNine, Produce 101, and SuperStar K7.

OMEGA X debuted on June 30, 2021, under SPIRE Entertainment, with their first mini-album "VAMOS". OMEGA X have always been in a close interaction with their fans since the pre-debut days as they kept uploading content regularly on their YouTube channel, so needless to say that on their first K-pop group anniversary it’s expected that they will release something special to the fans.

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Congratulations OMEGA X for your first anniversary as a K-pop group. The group is also preparing for a comeback in June, and here you can find the teaser of their first full album.

June is such a happy month, it is full of special anniversaries for many talented K-pop groups, stay tuned for the upcoming celebrations!

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