Upcoming K-Dramas to Look Out for

Upcoming K-Dramas to Look Out for

February was really busy but March also promises an enticing line-up of new drama series. Let’s check out what exciting drams are waiting for us 


1. Mouse

After Vagabond, Lee Seung-gi s coming back to our screens with power paced thriller drama called Mouse Jeong Ba-Reum, a young police officer when he crosses paths with a vicious serious killer His world turned upside down.


2. Love Alarm S2

We are all waiting for Season 2 right? 

Following the first season, which debuted in 2019, Love Alarm is all set for its comeback. Based on the webtoon, the first season received all required attention from the audience this romantic drama takes place in an alternative reality where a mobile app can let users know if someone around them feelings for them. 

Let’s see if this time Jojo (Kim So Hyun) can uninstall the shield and make the app ring for her one true love or not!


3. Revolutionary Sisters

A mother is murdered while messily filing for a divorce. All of her family members became potential suspects. On the other hand, Lee Cheol Soo is the father of three daughters. Lee Cheol Soo is very strict and doesn't get along with his adult-age daughters. This drama revolves around Family grudges with a pinch of comedy. 

We are hoping for a good experience!


4. Navillera

Song Kang is arising super start of the Korean entertainment industry. He is giving back-to-back super hit dramas and the audience is really cherishing this boy! After smashing down monsters in Sweet Home and portraying a lover boy character our boy Song Kang is all set to hit screens again in March as a ballet dancer in the tvN upcoming show called Navillera.

According to sources, he will be playing Lee Chae-rok, a young man following the death of his ballerina mother and despite the disapproval of his now-estranged father, he shuns sports in favor of ballet. 

The story is likely to revolve around how Lee Chae-rok became a mentor of Shim Deok-chool, a 70-year-old post office retiree who wanted to learn ballet.


5. Joseon Exorcist

The most high-profile show is coming in March this will be a large-scale project of horror series by SBS. 

We all mss NoKDo from the drama The Tale of NoKdu Right? No one can forget Jang Dong-Yoon’s terrific performance. The good news s he’s coming back with a drama set in a historical era called Joseon Exorcist 

The show will tell the story of King Taejong and his two sons, who together must fight against zombies and attempt to exorcise who are threatening the Joseon Kingdom (1392-1897).


6. Oh My Landlord

Romantic comedy awaits viewers. Lee Min-ki (Because This is My First First Life) and Nana (Memorials) are paired up to give this drama its soul. Lee will play Han Bi-soo, who’s Korea’s best thriller series writer, while Nana is Oh Joo-in, who is a popular actress who only appears in romantic comedies.

The storyline will basically revolve around how both face difficulties in the love life and ended up sting together and how a mismatched couple falls for each other. 

It will be fun watching ;)


Do let us know which drama you are gonna watch in the comments!

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