Unreleased BTS Songs You Must Listen To

Unreleased BTS Songs You Must Listen To


No doubt BTS releases the best songs of all time, but they also have songs that are not officially released on any music platforms. These songs will be either posted on their YouTube channel or on the group’s Soundcloud account. 

Here’s the list of songs you MUST listen to!

  • Sea

Sea is a hidden track from their album Love Yourself: Her. The track was only found in the physical album as RM mentioned that the song is special between ARMY and BTS. 


  • Winter Bear by V 

V released the song in 2019 and it was written in English. He contributed to the producing, writing, and directing of the song. 


  • Ddaeng 

This track was made as a diss track by the rap unit of BTS. Suga, RM, and J-hope all contributed to the lyrics and composing of the song. Ddaeng is about the people who criticized their rap skills at the early stages of their careers.  


  • 4 O’Clock by RM & V

This song which was written and produced by both members was released for their BTS Festa in 2017. 


  • Still with You by Jungkook 

A year ago Jungkook released his first solo single. He wrote the song while thinking of ARMY, and he expresses his sincerity in the song. 


  • Promise by Jimin 

Written as a dark song, Promise is now a comfort song for fans. Jimin wrote the song in reference to the struggles and hardships he was facing. He released the song in hopes fans may find comfort through it. 



  • Abyss by Jin 

Abyss has an emotional feel and heartfelt lyrics poured out by Jin. The song was written when he was experiencing a “burnout.” He released this song a few days before his 28th birthday. 


  • Otsukare by Suga & J-hope 

The song is written in Japanese and was performed by the duo during their Japan tour. The meaning of “otsukare” simply means “thank you for your hard work.” The trot-like melody was stuck in their heads therefore they decided to make it into a song. 


  • Bicycle by RM 

During the celebration of their debut anniversary, RM released this solo track where he wrote and composed by himself. He loves to ride bicycles therefore the song is based on the feelings he has when he goes out for a stroll. 

Let us know which song is stuck in your head and hope they will release them in the future! 

Author: Estella

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