Unreleased BTS Songs You Must Listen To

Unreleased BTS Songs You Must Listen To

BTS have released many amazing songs for ARMYs (fans) all over the world. But for various reasons, some tracks aren’t available on big streaming platforms like Spotify. Here are the unreleased BTS songs you must listen to.

Hidden Tracks and Physical Releases

Let's start with hidden tracks. These songs appear on the physical versions of BTS albums, as a bonus to fans who bought non-digital copies. 

“길 (Path/Road)” appears on the physical version of BTS’ debut album 2 Cool 4 Skool (2013). The members discuss their decisions to become idols, along with their hardships and anxieties. The chorus asks, “If I had chosen a different path, would I have been any different?” “길 (Path/Road)” is a mix of confidence and vulnerability, and it shows how much BTS have grown since the beginning.

This next song is only available on the physical version of Love Yourself: Her (2017). Opening with sounds of the ocean, “바다 (Sea)” compares the idol world to crossing a desert to reach the sea. BTS don’t sugarcoat things (“Where there is hope, there is despair”), and it’s one of the more serious songs on this list.

BTS have included skits on some of their albums, and these include two hidden tracks. “Skit: On the Start Line” appears on 2 Cool 4 Skool and is a mock interview or voiceover by “Trainee” (played by RM). It captures the mindset of a pre-debut trainee who is still optimistic but is less naïve. The skit also includes lines about the desert and sea that appear in “바다 (Sea),” which we just covered.

BTS at the BBMAs 2017

Image Credits: Image via Soompi

A few years later, BTS released “Skit: Hesitation & Fear” on Love Yourself: Her (2017). Set as a conversation between the members, it discusses their Billboard Music Awards win that year, their career so far, and their hopes and worries for the future. Again, the skit acts as a time capsule, showing the artists’ mindset when they were just breaking into the mainstream and how far they’ve come since then. (They’re still waiting for that Grammy.)

Finally, we need to mention V’s demo for “Spring Day” (2017), which appeared on their Proof anthology album (2022). Written by V, it’s more upbeat and hopeful than the final version. It’s also a nice present for ARMYs, especially since “Spring Day” is one of BTS’ best-known and most-beloved songs.

Songs on SoundCloud

Now we have tracks that were uploaded to SoundCloud but can’t be found on Spotify or similar streaming services. 

V released his first entirely English track “Winter Bear” in August 2019, delighting fans with its soothing melody and touching lyrics. The song is like a lullaby, wishing ARMYs a good night and that they “sleep like a winter bear.” It has an equally relaxing video, looking as if it were shot on an old-school film camera.

A few months earlier in January, V had released “Scenery.” Featuring high piano keys and the snapping of a camera shutter, the song is about capturing and retaining memories, whether in a song or on film. You’ll be carried away by V’s angelic voice and wistful words.

The perfect song for a rainy day, “Still With You” showcases the Golden Maknae’s honey vocals and romantic side. Addressing an absent lover, Jungkook tells her he is “still with you,” missing her and hoping to meet her again.

Festa and Concerts

You’re probably wondering: what is Festa? It’s like a birthday party but for BTS. First held in 2014, it features everything from photo albums to livestreams to new songs written specifically for the event. This year’s release is “Take Two,” coming out on June 9.

One popular track is the rap unit’s (RM, SUGA, and j-hope) “Ddaeng” for Festa 2018. Using phrases from the Korean card game Seotda (where “ddaeng” refers to the game’s highest-ranking card combinations), the members hit back at naysayers from their early years and critics who are still skeptical of their success.

Then there’s “네시 (4 O'CLOCK),” a collaboration between V and RM for Festa 2017. V’s soft vocals caresses listeners’ ears as he sings about meeting friends, including bandmate Jimin, at 4 am. Meanwhile, RM raps about everyone being “children of the moon,” who are only comfortable and complete at night.

Digital cover for "So Far Away" by BTS

Image Credits: BTS via SoundCloud

Another Festa 2017 song is “So Far Away” by SUGA, Jin, and Jungkook. It’s a remix of the original track, with Jin and Jungkook replacing Suran. Sung from the perspective of an artist tired of life, it’s mostly pessimistic but has some bright spots in the chorus (“So far away, if I have a dream”) and refrain (“Dream, I will be there for your creation until the end of your life”).

Finally, we have Jungkook’s “My You,” written in both Korean and English. Released on June 12, 2022, a few days after Proof and one day before the group’s 9th anniversary, it’s a thank-you letter to fans who stuck by the members for so long. Both gentle and comforting, “My You” is what ARMYs needed when news of BTS’ temporary hiatus broke that year.

Our last song is not for Festa or even Korean. It’s “Otsukare” (also called “Otsukaresama Song”), and it’s a Japanese song by SUGA and j-hope, or SOPE. Performed at a fan meeting in Japan in 2016, it thanks fans for working hard and waiting patiently. Cheerful and upbeat, it’s sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Commercial Tunes

Lastly, we have songs that BTS wrote and recorded for commercials. They have as much thought put into them as tracks for a real album - BTS went above and beyond for their assignments!

There’s “You’re so Beautiful” for LOTTE DUTY FREE, an EDM-heavy track that shows off BTS’ swag and dance moves. We’re wondering how many people went to a LOTTE store after seeing this video.

The same year “ON,” “Black Swan,” “Dynamite,” and “Life Goes On” came out (2020), BTS sang about Hyundai’s new IONIQ model. Featuring psychedelic visuals and smooth vocals, it's one commercial that we're not skipping!

Speaking of going hard, we have this collaboration between BTS and Jessi for a 2016 SK Telecom ad. Set up as a rap and dance battle, it features some catchy beats and charismatic performances. Again, why isn’t there a longer version?

Another SK Telecom song released that year, “Variety” is less hip-hop and more EDM with several tempo changeups and choreography performed on a rooftop. SK definitely know how to make a commercial!

Finally, we have a song advertising bb.q Chicken. “Coconut Chicken” has tropical summer vibes, perfect for playing at the beach while sipping a piña colada. Please, someone needs to tell BTS to stop making their jingles this good!


Have you heard any of these songs before? Which tracks do you wish were on Spotify? Let us know, and mark your calendars for “Take Two” and Festa 2023!

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