TXT Yeonjun’s opened his new Instagram account!

TXT Yeonjun’s opened his new Instagram account!

Finally! After much anticipation, TXT's Yeonjun opened his own official account on January 6! MOAs are so happy that the idol has his own personal Instagram account under the name @yawnzzn.

He also posted his first picture with the caption “Hi”


TXT Taehyun posted a snap shot of Yeonjun’s new Instagram account on Weverse after and captioned: “I am the first follower! Congratulations on opening your Instagram, please give it lots of love guys!”

It is so heartwarming for MOAs to see how Taehyun is so supportive of his older brother! 


MOAs are now hoping that the other 4 TXT members open their official accounts soon!

In the last month, BTS members also opened their own official accounts, you can read more here

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