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With their comeback approaching soon, a world tour has been announced to commemorate the release of their new album! 

ACT: LOVESICK; the name of their upcoming tour will begin in South Korea with a 2-day show in Seoul. TXT's world tour will commence on the 2nd of July and follow with later dates in the US. 

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

The boys will be touring 7 states in the US, wherein in 2019 the boys did their showcase tour in some of the states mentioned in the 2022 poster!

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

During their "Star in US'' showcase, TXT was promoted in the US, where their song Cat & Dog was sung in English instead of Korean.

This will be TXT's first official world tour since the group's debut in 2019! With their new album on its way, fans are excited to see different concepts showcased by the group during their World Tour. 

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The group will now be able to meet fans and perform for fans from all around the world. 

On the tour's website, Big Hit added a "More To Come" tab, which described additional tour dates to be added to their world tour! 

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We hope they visit many countries so all MOAs will be able to watch the boys live!

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