Trainee A visits Los Angeles! Are they Debuting Soon? 

Trainee A visits Los Angeles! Are they Debuting Soon? 


In recent postings, it has been confirmed that Trainee A is in LA which is assumed to be for training. 

Six members of Trainee A will be in Los Angeles for a while as part of the group's training process which is provided by the company. Former groups like Tomorrow X Together and the upcoming Japan boy group also had the opportunity to visit LA. 

Since the group is set to have seven members, one of the members was not able to join the rest of them in going to the US. Yorch is left all alone in Korea, and has to train individually while the rest of them are in LA. 

A vlog was uploaded explaining the reason why Yorch was unable to join the rest of the members. As he is not from Korea, Yorch has visa requirements that do not allow him to leave the country. 

Trainee A was featured in one of the videos posted on a choreographer's Instagram page. 


They visited the same dance studio as the &Audition boys and their clip went viral instantly as fans were surprised by their dancing skills. 

Besides training, the boys have free time to roam around LA where JJ attended Justin Bieber’s concert and posted a video of him dancing at the venue. 

They also attended an NBA game which was posted by James on Instagram and they actively post TikToks of them around LA. 



In their latest vlog, the members had to pick their roommates and rooms by playing gawi, bawi, bo which is scissors, paper, stone. They also set some house rules during their stay.

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