Did you know, Trainee A’s member Leo appeared as a background dancer in BTS’ MV for Permission to Dance?

Permission To Dance

We already know Trainee A’s member Leo from their various social media accounts like Instagram and TikTok. 

With a screen time of seven seconds in Permission to dance, he shines at the side of two female dancers in six sequences throughout the MV.

BTS - Trainee A

He also participated in the flash mop sequence at the end of the MV, dancing with BTS and performing the choreography that went viral as the #Permission to Dance Challenge on the web.

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Army’s, the fan group of BTS, all around the world have posted their videos under this Hashtag, following BTS’s call for the united dance party.

Trainee A is the new boy group that was formed in April 2021 and is planned to debut under the Hybe label, the same label that is the home of BTS and TxT.

Trainee Leo

Next to Leo, the pre-debut group consists of 5 other members Sangwon, Inhyuk, Jihoon, Sangwon, James, and JJ who most recently joined and who was revealed on August 24th.

Leo is one of the older members, being born in 2002. He was born in Australia and grew up there, making him fluent in English.

He moved to Korea when he was just seventeen years old to pursue his dreams of becoming a singer and K-Pop idol. 

BTS - Permission To Dance

His vocals are very strong which makes it possible for him to become the main vocalist or even lead vocalist. He prefers singing over dancing, dislikes mint chocolate, and enjoys winter over summer.

These insights are all from Trainee A’s TikTok page where they also revealed JJs face, so make sure to check it out if you want to stay up to date with the groups’ development. Maybe we will even see more of Trainee A’s members in future BTS MV’s. Stay tuned!

We wish the pre-debut group a lot of luck with their training and upcoming debut. You will of course be able to read all about it on here, once we know more!

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