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Fans were caught off-guard when Woo Chan was revealed as a Trainee A member.

Jo Woo-chan was the youngest contestant in 'Show Me the Money' and made it to the semi-finals where he was eliminated. 


The video of him and Nucksal who paired up during a diss battle during the show garnered many viewers. 

But in 2018, he released a single titled 'OGZ' with labelmates ACHILLO and Park Hyun Jin. The group was under a collaboration project between Starship Entertainment and Cube Entertainment with the name 'OG SCHOOL PROJECT'

However, in 2019 Woo-chan left Cube Entertainment and was an independent artist till he was signed under Big Hit Music. 

He was training with the group since the beginning but chose not to be revealed as he wanted to improve his skills and show that he has grown after SMTM6. 

Woo Chan shared videos of him practicing with the other members of Trainee A!

But no matter how hard he tried to stay low, the fans have figured out the hidden member behind the puppy emoji long before they could reveal Woo Chan.

Fans found his name on the bunkers in Trainee A’s dorms.

Woo Chan also mentioned in his video that fans figured out his identity through the veins on his hands. 

He also hinted that Trainee A has new content coming up soon, which he believes his content will be up first therefore he chose to reveal himself. 

A little TMI about him, his birthday is coming soon which is on January 20th, and is born in the same year as James which is 2005. His MBTI is ENTP and he admitted to being very mischievous in his vlog.  

We are excited to see him as part of Trainee A! Many fans shared their love and support towards Woo Chan after the reveal. 




Did you managed to find out Jo Woo-chan, was the new member? Let us know in the comments!

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