Trainee A’s First Busking Event in LA! 

Trainee A’s First Busking Event in LA! 


As many fans may know Trainee A is in LA as part of their training process. The boys recently planned and hosted a busking event at Venice Beach. 

Many fans gathered around to watch and support the boys! It was a fun-filled event for both the members and the fans. 

As official content is yet to be released, we got a thread of what happened during the busking event from fans. Here are some insights on what went down!

Trainee A’s interaction with kids!

 (Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

Sangwon freestyling! 

Leo, Sangwon, and JJ singing Heartbreaker by Justin Bieber.

They performed Permission to Dance by BTS 

Leo singing At My Worst by Pink Sweats 

Jihoon dancing to Zoo by NCT

Sangwon & JJ dancing to Mmh by Kai

Leo, James, and JJ dancing to TT by Twice 

JJ doing the locking dance move!

Trainee A has amazing synchronization!

It happened to Jihoon’s birthday so fans sang the birthday song for him in both Korean and English!

We look forward to seeing more content from the boys! 

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