Top Restaurants To Visit Seoul!

Top Restaurants To Visit Seoul!

Seoul has become one of the most visited and loved travel destinations. People from all over are either her to visit or are already exploring Seoul. The capital of South Korea is not only famous for K-Pop and K-Drama artist but nowadays people are going crazy over its scenic beauty and top most common restaurants.

Let’s not waste much time and jump into today’s blog, so here we are sharing some of the amazing restaurants exists in Seoul. Keep reading!

  • Doore Yoo

Dooreyoo restaurant is owned by Chef Tony Yoo’s. Located in the heart of Bukchon Hanok Village, in a pleasing neighborhood in Gahoe-dong, here you'll find from temple-style vegetable preparation techniques to full-course Han-Jeong Sik-style authentic meals, Yoo picks motivation from the way Korean people have been eating for ages. He along with his team spends countless time preparing staples like kimchi and sauces on the rooftop of the restaurant which is quite small and cute.

  • Dining in SPACE

This place is for all food lovers, who are willing to explore and experience Korean cuisine. Each dish has a meaning, these herbs are good for digestion, and you’ll found some special teas as well they have some other quality. Everything is just authentic! Pricewise is also very reasonable. 1/3rd surface of the restaurant is made of glass so that everyone can have a great view of the outside. If you are searching for a restaurant with a unique view of Seoul, then this place is definitely for you.

  • Cheong Jin Ok

Seoul is all about the night out, parties, and drinks but in the morning, you need to get back to your daily life. So, after a crazy night out in Seoul, it is time for a proper hangover cure. Head over to Cheong Jin Ok for a warm bowl of Haejangguk, an original Korean dish that literally means "hangover cure soup." Try it out if you desire a unique food experience or if you're simply hungover.

  • Imun Seolnongtang

One of the oldest restaurants in Seoul and is the city’s very first restaurant that gets registered for a business license in 1904. When you are in Seoul, don't miss out on this place.  Imun Seolnongtang offers a hearty bowl of Beef Bone Soup which is called Seolleongtang by natives.

  • Myeongdong Kyoja

When you are knocked down after hours of shopping in Myeongdong, then do stop by Myeongdong Kyoja for their famous dish kalguksu — a bowl of noodles made with wheat flour served with rich chicken broth. This place has been serving kalguksu with dumplings on for more than fifty years. The restaurant owner is very kind, they also allow people to refills the noodles and rice without charging an extra penny, so do not hesitate for more.


Hope you all loved to know about these top and unique restaurants, comment down below which one you wanna visit!


Author  Barsha Das

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