Here are top 8 K-pop artist of the millennial:

As K-pop has become such a global phenomenon in recent years (much thanks to BTS), let’s take a look at some oldies but goldies!

1. Rain 

2. Shinhwa 

3. Chakra

4. Uptown


6. BoA

7. Super Junior

8. Brown Eyed Girls

Let us talk about their famous songs as well!!

Rain - Rainism

Jung Ji-hoon, most-notably known as Rain, is arguably one of if not the longest-standing K-pop idols in modern Korean music. His very first debut was in the late 1990s, with his solo debut into K-pop was in 2002. ‘Rainism’ is the title track to his fifth studio album which was released back in 2008.


Shinhwa - Perfect Man


‘Perfect Man’ dates back even further, being released almost twenty years ago! This K-pop group is still very much active and just as popular even now, with their 20th anniversary concert (held in 2018) selling out within minutes and even crashing the ticketing site.


Chakra - End


Now, this song is just not everyone’s cup of tea even if you are into K-pop. What makes it so interesting though is its very unique concept (especially at its time of release) taking inspiration from Indian and African elements. Chakra managed to win several awards in the early 2000s but due to financial difficulties and member line-ups their career was short-lived.



Uptown had a bit of a wild ride back in the day with several line-up changes and two disbandments (one of them being due to a drugs scandal). The group had relative success in the first years of their formation, being dubbed by some as “pioneers of Korean R&B and hip-hop”. Uptown is also where one of our modern K-pop queens, Jessi, made her first mark!

TVQX - Mirotic

‘Mirotic’ is the title track to the group’s fourth studio album released in 2008. It scored several music program wins and was such a huge success for the group that they even recorded three versions in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.


BoA - Hurricane Venus


‘Hurricane Venus’ isn’t too old of a song having been released back in 2010, but our girl BoA (often referred to as the O.G. “Queen of K-pop”) has been around since the early 2000s.


Super Junior - Sorry Sorry

Initially dropped as a digital single in 2009, ‘Sorry Sorry’ became the title track for their third studio album of the same name which was released just days after. The immensely successful SM Ent. group has been active since 2005 and is recognised by many to have contributed largely to the explosion of K-pop in Asia in the 2000s.


Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra

Released in 2009, ‘Abracadabra’ gained notoriety as it saw a shift in the group’s image to a more alluring, seductive and almost provocative style. The controversial concept shook the K-pop world and the group ultimately gained several awards from this frenzy. B.E.G. haven’t actively promoted in several years, but the girls have released music as a group as recently as 2019.

 Have you heard all of them? Leave your comment down.


Author - Skylar 





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