Top 7 Most Popular Korean Desserts

Back in the days when South Korean food in America only referred to Korean barbecue. One aspect of the menu— the distinctly less nutritious side — is still often left out: dessert.

Korean desserts are always renowned for their world-class taste and vivid, colorful appeal-Korean rice cakes, candy, pastries, cookies, pancakes are just a few to name. Not only are they old and traditional, but they are equally satisfying, and you wouldn't understand if you didn't get to know some of these. Now here's a list of the few the best from both North and South Korea for you.



1. Patbingsoo: It literally means "red beans shaved ice" in the Korean language, this is a cold dessert dish with a sweet topping (usually ice cream) over different types of fruits, making it delicious as well as nutritious. There are also a few modern versions of this common traditional dish, which are often served at various summer parties, gatherings, and' Hollye' (wedding).


2. Bunggeo-ppang: This confectionery dish is typically fish-shaped and is stuffed with a sweet paste of red beans, meaning literally ' carp bread. ' Once sold as a street dessert food, however, it's generally stuffed with pastry cream, chocolate etc.


3. Shikhye: "Shikhye (almost)" is a sweet drink containing cooked rice grains and pine nuts at times. Although the ingredients are as simple as water, malted barley flour, sugar and cooked rice, it takes time and patience to make "Shikhye"— particularly to give it the right amount of sweetness! The Koreans enjoy this drink so much that there is an easily spotted canned variety in most Korean markets. Several K-Pop idols have admitted their "Shikhye" love and have been seen sipping on this popular beverage.


4. Yeot: It's a solid or liquid toffee.This is made of bap or cooked rice and malt barley as a foundation, and may be either liquid or solid, i.e. a candy, taffy, or syrup. What does it taste like: Apart from cooked rice, including ingredients like glutinous rice, mixed grains, glutinous sorghum, sweet potatoes or corn, along with their fermented aromas, gives a special flavor to this slow-cooked preparation.


5. Hotteok: It's a popular food on the street between a pancake and a rice cake. Filled with sugar in the center, the flour-based dough is rounded into a ball then pressed flat onto a hot pan. Street vendors sometimes fold in half the Hotteok and serve it in a paper cup. The sugar melts into a soft, gooey syrup and your mouth is burning!


6. Street Waffles: Ice cream waffles in the West and Korea are favorites. New waffles are surmounted with three scoops of one's favorite taste of ice cream and served in minutes. They are sold by vendors around Seoul but Itaewon is the best place to go. They're the perfect blend of sweet and savory. Head out to a local vendor and beat the heat with a waffle filled with ice cream.



7. Ppopgi: This street dessert is a proprietary competition. It is created with the addition of baking soda to melted sugar. Instead, while it cooks, it is shaped into different shapes. This dessert is vegan too, so everybody can enjoy it!

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