Top 7 Korean Snacks To Munch On With Your K-Dramas

Top 7 Korean Snacks To Munch On With Your K-Dramas

Wakening in the morning only to charge through the day is often taxing. Nine-to-five jobs undoubtedly have their perks, but they sure are demanding! We can unanimously agree on the very fact that winding down with a K-Drama is one in all the most effective ways to accommodate this hectic lifestyle. Turn on Netflix to search out your favorite Korean actor! What we'd like to finish this perfect night with is the right snack to munch on. SeoulBox is here to help your selection.


1. Tteokbokki Snack: There are countless dramas showcasing Tteokbokki, but About Time is the new one that has got us salivating for this street cuisine and opting for a bag of Tteokbokki chips. Michaela Choi (Lee Sung Kyung) can see the ticking away of everybody's life clock, including her own, but she meets a man who causes her clock to stop ticking and even prolongs her wanting short life. Pretty heavy stuff, but there are plenty of lighthearted, good-humored moments that make you appreciate the simple things in life, including Km Tteok steaming plates soon, Kimbap slang (Korean rice rolls), Tteokbokki, and Soondae (Korean sausage).


2. Ramyun: This popular Korean snack is there for your cravings at all times of the day! Ramyun is one of the most popular late-night snacks in Korea. This one is probably the easiest to find! Every convenience store in Korea is stocked up on these little packets of happiness.


3. Onion Rings: Do you want to rings of onion without trans fat and dripping oil? Lucky for you, the new Korean super snack, Onion Rings, is here. Made from dried onions and meal fried in ring forms, the Onion Rings are so sweet, airy and crispy that you can go through the whole bag before you know it.


4. Choco Pie: Orion's Choco Pie is a layered chocolate biscuit in the center, with a cake layer sandwiching marshmallows. There are two well-known Choco Pie brands in Korea. In addition to Orion's Choco Pie, there is also a Lotte's Choco Pie. Choco pies are extremely popular in Asia, although it was originally inspired by an American snack called the Moon Pie (a noticeable difference between Choco Pie and Moon Pie is that filling the Choco Pie is soft while filling the Moon Pie's graham cracker is hard). What a perfect sweet treat to munch on while watching romantic kisses in Korean dramas!


5. Ram-Don: One scene stands out from the film Parasite, leaving an indelible impact on whoever watches films percolating with their salivary glands: the Ram-Don scene. I'm not going to get into why the dish is made in the movie or what's going on while it's being eaten, but the scene has definitely captured the attention of internet food lovers. As a dish, Ram-Don is actually Jjapaguri - a Korean comfort food that combines two instant noodle packages into one stoner-inspired meal. Sounds like an ideal comfort food for your hungry stomach, after binge-watching 12 episodes?


6. Honey Butter Chips:¬†Nothing strikes the perfect sweet and salty balance like the Honey Butter Chips. These not-your-basic potato chips caused a national (if not international) hysteria by repeatedly selling out after their release in 2014. Demand skyrocketed while supply remained low, and K-pop stars began displaying their own obsession with these snacks via social media‚ÄĒ the magic formula for a cults-like craze over these golden yellow bags. One such star was Siwon of Super Junior who helped fuel the fire. With the above post, he certainly inspired many fans to drool over that heaven-sent snack.


7. Jagalchi: The chips are named after Jagalchi, one of Busan's biggest fish markets, which of course has us thinking about yet another Park Seo Joon drama, Fight My Way. It was one of the most memorable K-dramas to be set in the port city of South Korea, so even though it's from 2017, we had to name it down. The four main characters have backgrounds of "third rate" and are unlucky in life, but they are the best of friends. They all live in Busan's Hansung Apartment Buildings, along these steep stairs and in these beautiful houses, love, friendship, and growing up happens in such a way that you will laugh, weep, and reach for more Jagalchi.

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