Top 7 Korean Internet Café Snacks You've Never Seen Elsewhere Before




피씨방 [pissi bang; internet cafe] is where future Pro Gamers grow their dream in Korea. With over 70% of Koreans have visited 피씨방 at least once in their life, it's no surprise that 피씨방's food menu is also top-notch. As your culture guide who is dedicated to delivering the best selection of snacks available in Korea, we had to spare one section of our tasting guide to show you around a dinner menu of Korean 피씨방!


1. The ultimate combo 



2. Ramyun 



3. Stir-fried rice 

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4. Burger 



5. Fried Chicken & Teokbokki 



6. Korean BBQ 



7. French Fries 


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