Top 5 Korean Food and Beverages That Create A Treat Combination!!!

Top 5 Korean Food and Beverages That Create A Treat Combination!!!

Korean food and drinks are now worldwide famous just like our World Wide Handsome Jin ;). Anyway all thanks to k drama/movies and k pop now Korean culture is familiar almost in every age group especially teenagers and youths.  So, today we are gonna disclose about top 5 great Korean food & beverage combination which will give your taste bud a blast!

Here is the list of Top 5 Korean food and beverages that create a great combination:


1. Fried Chicken & Maekju:

We bet you all have definitely seen K-Dramas where they always tease you by showing fried chicken and we all crave for it right? Well, when we are talking about chicken especially fried chicken nothing can beat Maekju that is Korean beer. Of course, what can be better than chicken and beer!


2. Tteokbokki & Makgeolli

Street food lover can never say no to Tteokbokki it’s a Korean traditional food which has sticks of rounded rice cake as the main ingredient. Basically, these are rice cakes cooked in hot sauces. The best way to enjoy Tteokbokki is having it with Makgeolli which is one of the oldest alcohols in Korea. This is actually a rice wine that is kinda white in color.


3. Kimbap & Soju

Like the above combination, this combination is one the most famous ones. Well, Kimpab is the Korean version of Susi roll. Kimbap which is one can have with none other than the most common and famous Korean alcohol Soju. Does Soju need any introduction?


4. Yakgwa & Citron tea

This combination is best for non-drinkers but a mostly great treat for sweet tooth. Yakgwa is a deep-fried, wheat-based Korean confection made with honey, rice wine, ginger juice, and sesame oil which goes best with any kind of Korean tea especially Citron tea (유자차)


5. Choco Pie & Banana Milk

Last but not least our most favorite pair Choco Pie & Banana Milk. In Korea, Choco pies are available in various kinds and flavors so just grab any of them along with our JK's favorite Banana milk and keep snacking.


Comment down below which pair you wanna try!!

Author - Barsha Das

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