Top 5 K-Drama Locations To Visit In Seoul

Top 5 K-Drama Locations To Visit In Seoul

K-Dramas have taken the global entertainment industry by storm. With their captivating storylines, emotional depth, and talented actors, K-Dramas have amassed an enormous international following. 

As K-Dramas gained popularity worldwide, the stunning and iconic locations featured in these series also became stars in their own right. Fans, eager to immerse themselves in the world of their favorite dramas, started flocking to the actual filming locations. This phenomenon has led to a surge in K-Drama tourism, with fans traveling from all corners of the globe to explore the enchanting settings that served as backdrops for their beloved stories.

The city not only boasts a rich cultural heritage but also embodies the contemporary charm portrayed in modern dramas. By visiting Seoul, fans can walk in the footsteps of their favorite characters, reenact iconic scenes, and create unforgettable memories in the very locations where their cherished dramas were filmed.

K- drama locations to visit in Seoul

1. Bukchon Hanok Village

Bukchon Hanok Village

Image credit: koreandramaland via web

Nestled between the modern skyscrapers of Seoul, Bukchon Hanok Village stands as a living testament to Korea's rich cultural heritage. This charming neighborhood showcases a harmonious blend of traditional Korean architecture and serene natural beauty. Hanok refers to the traditional Korean houses, which are typically built with wooden frames and mud walls, creating a distinct and rustic charm.

As visitors wander through the labyrinthine alleys of Bukchon Hanok Village, they are transported back in time to the Joseon Dynasty era. The quaint and well-preserved hanoks exude an aura of tranquility, inviting guests to experience the serenity of ancient Korea. The village is meticulously designed to harmonize with the surrounding landscape, with a breathtaking view of the nearby palaces and the modern cityscape in the distance.

a. Recommend must-visit spots and popular dramas filmed here

  • Bukchon Hanok Village Walking Trail: Embark on a self-guided walking tour to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the hanoks. Stroll through the alleyways, admire the unique architecture, and capture Instagram-worthy shots.
  • Bukchon Traditional Culture Center: Delve deeper into Korean culture and traditions through workshops on calligraphy, tea ceremonies, and traditional crafts.
  • Gahoe-dong Catholic Church: This historic church, with its stunning Gothic architecture, has been featured in several K-Dramas, adding a touch of Western influence to the traditional village setting.

b. Popular K-Dramas filmed in Bukchon Hanok Village:

  • "Moon Embracing the Sun": This acclaimed historical drama showcased the village's beauty, elevating the romance and political intrigue of the storyline.
  • "Love in the Moonlight": This beloved coming-of-age drama used Bukchon Hanok Village to create an enchanting setting for the unfolding romance.

2. Namsan Tower (N Seoul Tower)

Namsan Tower (N Seoul Tower)

Image credit: koreandramaland via web

Rising majestically from the peak of Namsan Mountain, Namsan Tower, also known as N Seoul Tower, holds an iconic status in Seoul's skyline. The tower's striking presence serves as a symbol of Seoul's modernity and progress while paying homage to its rich history and culture. Standing at an impressive height, the tower offers panoramic views of the sprawling metropolis below, captivating both locals and visitors alike.

a. Its role in various romantic K-Dramas, making it a favorite spot for couples

Namsan Tower has cemented its reputation as the ultimate romantic destination for couples in K-Dramas. Countless romantic series have featured the tower as a backdrop for heartfelt confessions, passionate embraces, and unforgettable love stories. The tower's picturesque setting, especially during the evening when its lights illuminate the city, creates a dreamlike atmosphere, perfect for evoking emotions of love and affection.

Its most famous association with K-Dramas can be found in "My Love from the Star" , where the characters played by Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun share poignant moments atop Namsan Tower. This drama's immense popularity further solidified Namsan Tower's reputation as a must-visit location for couples seeking to recreate their favorite romantic scenes.

b. Recommend the best time to visit and activities to do around the tower

  • Best Time to Visit: The ideal time to visit Namsan Tower is during sunset when the sky transforms into a canvas of warm hues. Witnessing the sun dip below the horizon from the tower's observation deck is an awe-inspiring experience that offers breathtaking views of the city lights as they begin to twinkle in the darkness.

Activities around Namsan Tower:

  • Love Locks: Take part in the romantic tradition of attaching "love locks" to the fences and railings surrounding the tower. Couples write their names or initials on the locks before securing them as a symbol of their everlasting love. It's a cherished ritual that adds to the tower's romantic ambiance.
  • Namsan Cable Car: Enjoy a scenic cable car ride that takes you from the base of Namsan Mountain to the tower's entrance. The cable car ride offers mesmerizing views of the city as it ascends, making the journey as memorable as the destination.
  • Namsan Seoul Tower Teddy Bear Museum: Explore the charming Teddy Bear Museum located within the tower. This museum showcases an adorable collection of teddy bears dressed in various historical costumes, including those inspired by famous K-Drama characters.
  • Namsan Hanok Village: After visiting the tower, take a leisurely stroll through Namsan Hanok Village, a charming neighborhood with traditional Korean houses and lovely walking paths, adding a touch of serenity to your day.

3. Myeongdong Shopping Street

Myeongdong Shopping Street

Image credit: koreandramaland via web

Nestled in the heart of Seoul, Myeongdong is a bustling and vibrant shopping district that beckons both locals and tourists alike. Renowned as one of the city's premier shopping destinations, Myeongdong offers a perfect blend of fashion, beauty, entertainment, and delectable street food. Its lively atmosphere, illuminated by neon lights and filled with the chatter of shoppers, makes it an exhilarating and must-visit location for anyone seeking a taste of Seoul's urban energy.

a. Its appearance in K-Dramas as a trendy and vibrant location

Myeongdong's lively and trendy ambiance has caught the attention of K-Drama producers, who frequently feature the district in their series. The area's dynamic setting serves as an ideal backdrop for scenes depicting youthful characters exploring the city, shopping, and indulging in street food. Its bustling streets and iconic stores provide an authentic depiction of Seoul's modern lifestyle, making Myeongdong a favorite spot for directors aiming to capture the city's contemporary vibrancy.

b. Best shopping spots and local delicacies to try while visiting Myeongdong

Best Shopping Spots:

  • Myeongdong Shopping Street: The main thoroughfare of Myeongdong is a shopaholic's paradise, with a wide array of local and international fashion brands, cosmetics shops, and trendy boutiques. From high-end luxury items to budget-friendly finds, there's something for every shopper here.
  • Lotte Department Store: For a more upscale shopping experience, head to the Lotte Department Store in Myeongdong. It offers an extensive selection of luxury goods, cosmetics, and designer fashion brands.
  • Noon Square & Migliore: These shopping centers are perfect for those looking for unique and affordable fashion pieces. They are famous for their diverse selection of trendy clothing, accessories, and footwear.

Best Local Delicacies to Try:

  • Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes): Savor the quintessential Korean street food, tteokbokki, in Myeongdong. The chewy rice cakes are cooked in a spicy gochujang sauce, creating a flavorful and addictive snack.
  • Mandu (Dumplings): Sample some hot and delicious mandu from the numerous stalls in the area. These Korean dumplings come in various fillings and are a comforting treat, especially during colder months.
  • Hotteok: Treat yourself to a mouthwatering hotteok, a popular Korean sweet pancake filled with a mix of brown sugar, honey, and nuts. The delightful combination of crispy exterior and gooey filling makes it a favorite dessert among locals and visitors alike.
  • Korean Fried Chicken: Myeongdong offers a variety of Korean fried chicken joints that serve crispy and flavorful chicken with a range of sauces, making it a finger-licking feast.

4. Nami Island

Nami Island

Image credit: kdramastars via web

Nestled in the middle of the Han River, Nami Island, also known as Namiseom, is a picturesque oasis that exudes natural beauty and serenity. Accessible from Seoul, this half-moon-shaped island is adorned with lush forests, meandering walking trails, and stunning vistas at every turn. The island's year-round beauty offers visitors a unique experience in each season - from cherry blossoms in spring to colorful foliage in autumn, making it a sought-after destination for nature enthusiasts and peace-seekers alike.

a. Its popularity as a romantic backdrop in many K-Dramas

Nami Island's ethereal charm has made it a favored location for K-Dramas, especially those with romantic storylines. Its idyllic landscapes, with the Han River flowing gently around it, create an enchanting setting for heartfelt moments and passionate encounters between characters. The island's tranquil ambiance allows emotions to flourish, and its dreamlike scenery becomes a canvas for the blossoming romance portrayed in these dramas.

One of the most notable K-Dramas filmed on Nami Island is "Winter Sonata", a classic romantic drama that captured the hearts of viewers both in South Korea and internationally. This drama's iconic scenes, featuring the two lead characters played by Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo, set against the island's serene backdrop, have immortalized Nami Island as a symbol of everlasting love.

b. How to get to Nami Island from Seoul and fun activities to do there

How to Get to Nami Island from Seoul:

  • Gapyeong Tour Bus: Take a subway or train to Gapyeong Station from Seoul. From Gapyeong Station, hop on the Gapyeong Tour Bus, which provides convenient transportation to Nami Island and other nearby attractions. The bus ride to Nami Island takes around 10-15 minutes.
  • ITX-Cheongchun Train: Another option is to take the ITX-Cheongchun train from Yongsan Station in Seoul to Gapyeong Station. From there, you can take a taxi or shuttle bus to Nami Island.

Fun Activities on Nami Island:

  • Walking and Cycling: Explore the island's natural beauty by walking or renting a bike to travel along its scenic paths. Stroll through the picturesque forests and along the riverbanks, taking in the breathtaking views.
  • Zip Wire: For thrill-seekers, try the exhilarating Nami Island Zip Wire, which offers a thrilling ride across the Han River with stunning views of the island.
  • Nami Wharf and Ferry Ride: Enjoy a leisurely ferry ride from the Nami Wharf to the island, savoring the serene surroundings while crossing the Han River.
  • Namiseom Rail Bike: Experience a unique rail biking adventure along the tracks with your friends or loved ones, offering a fun and memorable way to see the island's beauty.
  • Water Sports: During the warmer months, engage in various water activities, such as kayaking or paddle boating, to enjoy the island's waters.

5. Changdeokgung Palace

Changdeokgung Palace

Image credit: kpopmap via web

Changdeokgung Palace, located in the heart of Seoul, is one of South Korea's most historically significant and well-preserved palaces. Constructed during the Joseon Dynasty in 1405, it served as the primary royal residence for several kings. What sets Changdeokgung apart is its harmonious integration with the natural landscape, utilizing the surrounding mountains and forests to enhance its architectural beauty.

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Changdeokgung Palace exemplifies the elegance and sophistication of traditional Korean palace architecture. Its various halls, pavilions, and gardens are a reflection of the country's rich cultural heritage and have witnessed pivotal moments in Korean history.

a. Its appearances in K-Dramas that feature period settings

Changdeokgung Palace's regal charm and historical significance have made it a sought-after location for filmmakers creating period K-Dramas. Its majestic halls and immaculately manicured gardens serve as the ideal backdrop for dramas set during the Joseon era. The palace's intricate details, including its vibrant paint colors and traditional architectural elements, add an authentic touch to the storytelling, captivating audiences with a glimpse into Korea's royal past.

K-Dramas such as "Jewel in the Palace", also known as "Dae Jang Geum," have prominently featured Changdeokgung Palace. This critically acclaimed drama, set in the royal kitchen during the Joseon Dynasty, showcased the palace's grandeur and historical significance, leaving a lasting impact on viewers worldwide.

b. Guided tours and events available at the palace for tourists

Guided Tours

  • Secret Garden Tour: One of the highlights of visiting Changdeokgung Palace is the Secret Garden Tour. This guided tour allows visitors to explore the picturesque Huwon, also known as the Secret Garden, which is a vast and serene garden reserved exclusively for the royal family. The tour offers insights into the palace's history and offers picturesque views of traditional pavilions and ponds.
  • Palace Guided Tours: Standard guided tours are also available, providing visitors with informative insights into the palace's architecture, history, and cultural significance. Knowledgeable guides lead these tours, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the palace complex.

Events and Festivals:

  • Moonlight Tour: During select evenings, Changdeokgung Palace hosts Moonlight Tours, where visitors can explore the palace grounds after sunset. The soft glow of the moon enhances the palace's beauty, creating a romantic and magical atmosphere.
  • Traditional Performances: On special occasions, Changdeokgung Palace hosts traditional Korean music and dance performances, offering visitors a chance to experience the country's cultural heritage firsthand.
  • Changing of the Royal Guard Ceremony: Witness the Changing of the Royal Guard Ceremony, a reenactment of the traditional guard-changing ritual that once took place during the Joseon Dynasty. This ceremony occurs regularly and adds to the immersive historical experience at the palace.


In the end, the allure of visiting K-Drama locations in Seoul lies not only in the beauty of these iconic places but also in the emotional connection that fans forge with the stories that have touched their hearts. Seoul's iconic filming locations are too compelling to resist. To immerse oneself in the world of these beloved dramas is to experience the thrill of following in the footsteps of treasured characters.Seoul becomes not just a city on the map but a destination where dreams and reality merge, creating memories that last a lifetime. So, to all the K-Drama enthusiasts out there, Seoul awaits your arrival, ready to weave its magic and bring your favorite dramas to life. Happy exploring!

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