Top 5 Amazing Korean Cocktails You Must Try Out

Top 5 Amazing Korean Cocktails You Must Try Out

With lovers, or acquaintances,
I'd like a drink.

I'm not particularly good at drinking soju.
when you don't get along
a sense of alienation and a nuisance
I think it's the same.

Therefore, the unique aroma and taste of soju
For those of you who can't drink because you're too burdened.

You drink and you keep going in.
Deliciously with slightly dangerous (?) dangerous soju

How to drink!! Cocktail
Let's find out about the recipe.


1. Merona-ju 


I've been craving melon and sweetness.
for the sake of alcohol

If I could add a little more soju,
You can get drunk deliciously.


2. Vita Soju 


A drink with vitamin drinks,
The color is pretty. Simple to make as well!

If you want to add sweetness and freshness,
You can add Sprite.


3. Milkiss-ju 


ronically, there's no "Milkiss" (popular Korean soda - Mountain Dew of Korea) at all.

However, it was named because it has a similar flavor.
The color is a little bit yellowish than completely white.

It's as if you're making a bomb shot, and you're blocking the entrance with a wet towel or napkin.
The point is to bam on the floor and mix it all at once.

There could be a lot of white foam.
Be careful not to overflow.


4. Gojingamre-ju 


Gojingamre is a Korean idiom meaning after the end of pain joy comes.

As the word says for itself, the sweet aftertaste comes after a bitter introduction.

There are two soju glasses in a beer glass.
One coke and one soju.

It starts to taste like beer.
Later, beer mixed with soju tastes like somaek.

And then the cup tilts.
I can feel the sweetness of cola.



5. Sowon-ju 


It's really simple to make.

Fill an empty glass with ice and mix soju and coffee in a 1:5 ratio to finish.
You can just add or subtract it according to your taste.

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