Top 3 Highest Paid Korean Actors

Top 3 Highest Paid Korean Actors

Are you curious to know who are those top 3 highest paid Korean actors and actresses? Don’t worry we got you back and we are sure you love these amazing personalities. We are well aware of the fact that Korean dramas and movies have been a worldwide success. As for which result, the actors and actresses who cast in those shows have pocketed themselves quite a good pay. 
Here is the list of top-paid actors :


1. Kim Soo Hyun 

Kim Soo Hyun is showed in the last drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay as lead, the 33-year-old handsome actor is at the top of our list because it’s a very natural fact for a talent like him to demand such a good amount. 
  • 200 million Korean won per episode of his last show. 
  • Around $178351 when converted. 

2. Jun Ji Hyun

We all know Kim Soo Hyun's female lead in My Love From the Star well weight say she isn’t doing bad in mang good amount too. Jun Ji Hyun is one of the most popular and talented actresses in the industry also she has managed to stay in the limelight for the past two decades.
According to reports, after My Love from the Star that she started mang good money which makes her the highest-paid actress. 
  • 100 million Korean won, 
  • Which is roughly around $89175 per episode. 
  • She also purchased an entire building in Gangnam, the most luxurious neighborhood in Seoul.

3. Hyun Bin

Remember Captain Lee from North Korea? Of course, we are talking about Hyun Bin’s last seen n Crash Landing on You . one of Korea’s most popular actors. Basically, after his last drama, Hyun Bin made his place n the race of the top 3 becoming one of the most famous Korean actors in the world.
  • Hyun Bin gets paid approximately $83,230 per episode!
  • it's huge!

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