Top 20 Kdramas According To Different Genres

Top 20 Kdramas According To Different Genres

Whether you would want to cry your eyes out or clench your fist while watching a film, Kdramas got you covered! 

As they made their films well-known and some even most-watched, Korean dramas have become a daily routine for most people. 

If you are a Kdrama newbie, don’t worry we got you covered with the Best Kdramas for you to begin with! These are several of the most popular K-dramas you can binge on! 

Fantasy K-Drama 

Strong Woman Do Bong-soon 

The series is led by a woman who inherited superpowers from the line of women in her family. Determine in creating a video game where she is the main character, Do Bong-soon is offered a job as the bodyguard of a gaming company's CEO.

The story takes a turn when she and Ahn Min-hyuk who is the CEO of the gaming company tries to catch a kidnapping culprit. They soon find themselves developing feelings for each other which results in a series of romantic comedies and adventures!

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God


This romantic fantasy drama takes place in the ancient times of Korean folklore stories. Kim Shin who was cursed into becoming a Dokkaebi faces his unfortunate fate as he watches the people he loves to pay the price. 

Hotel Del Luna

Centering around the romantic comedy genre, Hotel Del Luna takes place in a supernatural hotel where during the daytime humans will only be able to find the place under certain circumstances. 

The owner of the hotel, Jang Man-wol has been stuck at this hotel for many decades due to her past. As for the staff, they are all ghosts or spirits who have unfinished business during their former lives.

The Uncanny Counter

The drama is based on a webtoon series called Amazing Rumour on Daum. The story is about four demon-hunters with the name Counters who were out on a quest to search and banish evil spirits.

Each of them is gifted with their special abilities to help them on this mission where they go undercover as employees in a noodle restaurant in the city of Jungjin. 

They work together to banish the evil spirits as they possess the locals and cause them to have a strong urge to murder where they consume their spirits of the victim.  

Action K-Drama 

The K2


A former mercenary soldier, Kim Je-ha was framed for the murder of his lover when he was sent for duty in Iraq. Resulting from that, he ran away and return to Korea.

He then accepts a job as a bodyguard to Choi Yoo-jin, the wife of a presidential candidate who happens to compete against the man who orders the killing of Je-ha’s lover. 

Eager for revenge, he finds himself entangled in a love affair with Go An-na, the daughter of his boss who he has to protect and keep safe from her stepmother Yoo-jin. Now he is left torn between fighting for revenge and protecting An-na from his only ally. 

My Name 

Yan Ji-woo lost her father and joins a gang to find out the cause of his sudden death. She works under a powerful drug crime boss who instructs her to join the police force. 

Ji-woo is assigned to work in the drug investigation unit which benefits the group she works for and she also looks for revenge for her father's death. 


A special night courier, Seo Jung-hoo who goes by the alias ‚ÄúHealer‚ÄĚ who is a skilled hacker brings him to encounter a second-rate tabloid news reporter Chae Young-shin and a well-to-do reporter Kim Moon-ho.¬†

When these three tries to uncover the mysteries of an incident about an illegal pro-democracy broadcasting studio they discover the truth about their past and become honest reporters. 

Lawless Lawyer 

It is set in a fictional city called Kisung, which defines as lawless and corrupt. The story centers on a former gangster turned lawyer named Sang-pil that seeks revenge for his mothers' death. 

Sang-pil turns a loan shark business into a lawless law firm where he meets Jae-yi who ended up working with him after losing her job as a lawyer. 

They both work together to fight the person who caused the death of Sang-pil’s mother by using the law. Over time, they both fall in love.

Romance K-Drama

Crash Landing On You 

A story about a businesswoman, Yoon Se-ri who ends up in the North Korean part of the DMZ and meets Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok who is an army captain that will help her stay undercover. 

Struggling to keep her from getting caught and safely send her back to South Korea, the two fall in love over time. Having to go through various hurdles, Ye-ri finally makes it back to South Korea but misses her simple life in North Korea. 

After some time, they both meet in Switzerland where Captain Ri represented North Korea as a pianist and bumped into Ye-ri where they reunite and are able to be together again.

Descendants of the Sun

Romance sparks between a captain of the special forces, Shi-jin, and a doctor Mo-yeon as they first meet in an emergency room.

However, due to their rigid professions their dates never go as planned and they both part ways as Shi-jin had to deport to Uruk on a mission. 

Eight months later, the two meet again as Mo-yeon was instructed to lead the medical team to Uruk as revenge by the hospital director who got turned down by her. 

Extraordinary You

This romance movie takes a comical turn as Eun Dan-oh lives in the fantasy world of comics. She discovers everyone around her is just characters in a comic book titled Secret.

Having to find out she is just an extra character and will die soon from heart disease, Dan-oh decides to change her own destiny by adjusting the storyline. 

She then meets a boy without a name who happens to be her classmate. They both become close and she calls him Haru. 

Doom at your Service

Having only three months to live, Do-kyung finds out she only has three months to live after being diagnosed with glioblastoma. She then finds out her boyfriend now has a wife and will be expecting a child, then she gets nagged by her superior and gets spied on by a stalker.

After experiencing unfortunate events, she wishes on a shooting star that is passing by to doom the world. As the messenger between humans and gods, Myul Mang hears her wish and decides to grant it.

Risking everything, she has, Do-kyung signs a 100-day contract with Myul Mang to fulfill her wish in ending the world.

Horror K-Drama

Strangers from Hell 

Based on the webtoon series, a guy in his 20s moved to Seoul from the countryside after being offered a job by his college friend. When looking for a place to live, he comes across a cheap hostel where the common spaces are shared among the tenants. 

Feeling suspicious towards his neighbors especially a dentist that lives right next door, Jong-woo isn’t too thrilled to be living there. 

Accommodating for about 6 months to save up for a different place to live, a mysterious event begins to occur that causes Jong-woo to be terrified of his neighbors. 


A story that revolves around a priest, who is a member of a group that performs exorcism illegally and is called 643 Regia. 

Having lost his mother who could not receive an exorcism in the past, he pursued his passion into curing people of possession. 

He then meets a doctor who does not believe in God when her parents died in a car accident. After the incident, she decided to become a doctor. After she witnessed a series of supernatural events, she begins to rethink her beliefs. 

The Cursed 

A passionate social issues reporter is set to cover a brutal case involving a big IT company in South Korea. Having to learn that the company is affiliated with a spiritually affiliated company, she discovers many secrets. 

The owner of the spiritual company has been possessed by an evil entity while the owner of the IT company practices shamanism. Will she figure out the case?

The Guest

In a fight to solve the crimes caused by a mysterious power, a catholic priest, psychic and detective team up to fight the crimes. 

Hwa-pyung the psychic, was born into a shaman family and is on a hunt to expel evil spirits on those who are possessed. Choi Yoon however is a catholic priest, who doesn’t like having a relationship with others. Kil-young is a non-believer of the supernatural and is the detective but soon her views change as they embark on this mission. 

Sci-fi K-Drama

Joseon X-Files

A historical series of the Joseon Dynasty that is incorporated with supernatural and mysterious elements. 

Hyung-do is an inspector that investigates administrative misdeeds which leads him to direct contact with a secret organization that is led by the government where they deal with paranormal and mysterious phenomenon. 

During the investigation, Hyung-do searches for realistic explanations and avoids superstitions while the other investigator simply believes its possibilities and is open to them. 

My Holo Love 

A mix between romance and sci-fi, in a world of artificial intelligence, So-yeon faces difficulties in recognizing faces which made her more reserved. 

She then meets AI Holo, who uses her as a beta tester. He then realizes the limitation of artificial intelligence when being with So-yeon. 

He begins to have feelings for her but even when his appearance is similar to his hologram, they both have different personalities which result from them clashing with each other. 

W: Two Worlds Apart

A love story between a couple who live the opposite realities. Kang-chul who is the lead in a comic series called W and Yeon-joo a cardiothoracic surgeon who is the daughter of the comic’s illustrator. 

Living in parallel universes, Kang-chul is saved by Yeon-joo when she is pulled into the comics universe and they both fall in love. 


An eight-episode long of different storylines about people living in the utopian world where artificial intelligence and reality collide. 

With each episode having its own unique story plot, it is segregated into fantasy, thriller, games, robots, and superpowers.


These are some of the best K-dramas you need to watch! It is definitely worth the watch, speaking from experience! 

Don’t forget to share with us your favorite series below! 

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