Top 5 Must-Try Snacks in Korea

Top 5 Must-Try Snacks in Korea

What do you have in common when watching a film, waiting for a dinner reservation and learning the Korean language? These three things get much more fun when you include Korean snacks in the mix!

Snacks are one of life's basic pleasures and as you study the Korean language and read more about Korean culture, I am sure you wonder what Korea has to bring.


1. Pringles Butter Caramel: When it was launched this nice limited edition chip caused a lot of head turns. While the idea itself holds promise, many were disappointed to find that the chip itself did not have enough flavoring. Notwithstanding mixed reviews of how the chips taste, checking out if you are really craving a sweet and salty snack is certainly an option.

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2. Choco Pie: This is one of the most famous of all Korean snacks. It’s pretty much impossible to meet a Korean who doesn’t know about choco pies. They’re an integral part of Korean society, similar to a national symbol.

There are several different brands, but Orion is the go-to for most people. It’s a yellow sponge cake with marshmallow on the inside, and chocolate on the outside. They come in different size boxes, from 2 choco pies up to 60. Be warned: They are so delicious that once you start eating them, it’s difficult to not eat the entire box!

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 3. Pepero: Have you ever so much enjoyed a snack that you felt it deserved a break of its own? Okay, that's how Koreans feel about Pepero, as they Did have their own holidays. Those tasty chocolate-covered sticks are, and rightly so, a Korean favourite. There are plenty of variations that include milk chocolate, white chocolate, sprinkles, peanut butter-what more could you ask in a snack? Give Pepero a try the next time you’re in the mood for an easy-to eat dessert and you’ll see what all the fuss is about. You would love Pepero if you're a serious fan of anything dipped in chocolate


4. Tteokbokki Chips: Anyone who ever had eaten Korean food before would certainly have tried Tteokbokki, the rice cakes with the sweet spicy sauce which is the quintessential street food. If you want to taste this flavor again when you are at home, then get some of these snacks flavored with Tteokbokki to fulfill your cravings. We taste like the real thing, and are also much more clean!


5. K-Almonds: Lots of flavored nuts are available in convenience stores and marts in Seoul, but Tom's Farm certainly has to be the most popular brand. We make some of the most popular flavors that go crazy about everybody. Some of the must-try flavors include Honey Butter, Banana and Wasabi, and they all come in different types of nut so you can choose your favorite. PS: They're right.

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