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Kpop is full of amazing artists and unforgettable moments, but here are some of the most remarkable moments up to date.


1. BTS - Boy With Luv

Bighit: how many lights do u want in the mv?



2. Stray Kids - Double Knot

"Stray kids nine or none, we're gonna cross the finish line" - Felix, 2019 "It's 8 on stage but 9 in our hearts 💜"


3. Blackpink - Whistle

Anyone here who can't whistle?


5. Seventeen - Don't Wanna Cry

Seventeen spelled backwards is Synchronisation.


6. Everglow - Adios

Most of the members: Korean

Company: Chinese

Bon bon chocolat: French

Adios: Spanish

Location: 51 countries

Genre: #kpop


 7. BTS - DNA

The mega-hit pop with sweet words



8. Hyuna - Flower Shower

HyunA: I want to do a cute concept again

Cube: How about this very sexy concept?

HyunA: Hey I wanna do a cute concept

Pnation: So how cute do you want it to be?

I’m so proud of her for doing what she wants


 9. TXT - Run Away

Imagine if they were actually dancing like that in your school 😍


10. Momoland - Bbom Bbom

Look at the iconic dance movements of Momoland!

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