Top 10 Best Kpop Moments

Top 10 Best Kpop Moments

Kpop is full of amazing artists and unforgettable moments, but here are some of the most remarkable moments up to date.


1. BTS - Boy With Luv

Bighit: how many lights do u want in the mv?



2. Stray Kids - Double Knot

"Stray kids nine or none, we're gonna cross the finish line" - Felix, 2019 "It's 8 on stage but 9 in our hearts 💜"


3. Blackpink - Whistle

Anyone here who can't whistle?


5. Seventeen - Don't Wanna Cry

Seventeen spelled backwards is Synchronisation.


6. Everglow - Adios

Most of the members: Korean

Company: Chinese

Bon bon chocolat: French

Adios: Spanish

Location: 51 countries

Genre: #kpop


 7. BTS - DNA

The mega-hit pop with sweet words



8. Hyuna - Flower Shower

HyunA: I want to do a cute concept again

Cube: How about this very sexy concept?

HyunA: Hey I wanna do a cute concept

Pnation: So how cute do you want it to be?

I’m so proud of her for doing what she wants


 9. TXT - Run Away

Imagine if they were actually dancing like that in your school 😍


10. Momoland - Bbom Bbom

Look at the iconic dance movements of Momoland!

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