Tomorrow, a Supernatural Drama you can’t miss!

Tomorrow, a Supernatural Drama you can’t miss!


This new popular supernatural drama series from MBC based on the webcomic ‘Tracer’ by Ra Ma, is a must! This action-packed drama shares with us the story of Choi Joo Woong, the perfect guy, who graduates from a prestigious university crosses path with two grim reapers when trying to save the life of a suicidal person.

Joo Woong makes a deal with the death angels to become a new member of the Crisis Management Team. This special group goal is to help and avoid the death of suicidal people, making these reapers different from the rest.

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The story development will be clearer once you have seen several episodes and it will share more details about these unique characters, and how the story gathers all necessary points to make it a great drama.

Follow the adventure of Choi Jun Woong, Koo Ryeon, and Ryoog-Gu every Saturday on Netflix!

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