Tips to Win Oppa’s Heart

Tips on How to Win Oppa’s Heart


Being in love is exciting. But sometimes we forget to show, or even tell, our significant other how much he means to us. After reading this blog, you’ll know what to say to Oppa that will remind him he’s your special person.

Compliments to Give Oppa!

Here are some things your oppa might appreciate hearing from you.

  1. “I miss you.” A few hours apart can feel like months or years. It’s not enough to video call. You need to see each other face to face again! 

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  1. “Thanks for always being by my side.” We often take our loved ones for granted. Make a habit of thanking your partner every day, even for the simplest things.
Drama “Crash Landing on You”

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  1. “I feel assured with you around.” When you’re with him, you don’t have to change yourself to please others—you’re comfortable being yourself. With this compliment, he will also feel assured that you care for him.

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  1. “You are the best.” Now for some encouragement from you. Don’t just say these words when Oppa does something nice for you. If he’s having a bad day, remind him that there’s no one else like him in the world. It will cheer him up straight away!
“Birth of a Beauty”

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  1. “You really look great today.” A good boyfriend thinks his girlfriend is beautiful no matter what she wears. The same goes for the girlfriend! (Remember to say, “You look great,” not “Your _ looks great.” You’re complimenting your oppa, not his outfit!)

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A Special Treat for Oppa

Want to make your oppa’s day extra nice? Get him his own SeoulBox! Each box contains snacks, surprises, and a Seoulzine with articles about Korean culture. There are more than a few things for him to enjoy. (And for you, if he shares!)

It’s easy to order:

Go to the SeoulBox homepage. Click on the “Shop Now” button or on the “Shop” scroll-down menu. You can also go to “Take the Quiz” for a more personalized box.


Image Credits: SeoulBox homepage

Choose a box. SeoulBox Signature and Seoulbox V (Vegetarian) are snack boxes, while SeoulBox Life is a lifestyle box with beauty and skincare products. You’ll be given options for 12-month, 6-month, 3-month, or One Time purchases.


Image Credits: SeoulBox Collections page

Pay and wait. After paying at checkout, you’re finished! It will take at least a week for the box to arrive. When it comes, give it immediately to your Oppa. He’ll be so happy to get his own SeoulBox, especially if he gets it directly from you!


Image Credits: SeoulBox Signature 6-month subscription by SeoulBox

The simple words we’ve mentioned, spoken with a smile, can make your oppa’s day. Don’t forget to add some meaningful gestures. If you keep them in mind, then he’ll do the same things to you, too!

Author: Sophia Wasylinko

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