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Throwback Thursday: Jul '20 Gamer's Box

September 17, 2020

Throwback Thursday: Jul '20 Gamer's Box seoulbox review

Try out our Gamer's Box - it's designed for foodie-gamers just like you! Our delicious range of snacks and cute goodies will help your lockdown blues. Enjoy a genuine selection of 22 hand-picked treats picked for gamers. No need to worry about sticky fingers and messy keyboards. It'll boost your gaming experience. Bring your playtime to the next level with SeoulBox!




Top Highlights

  • An authentic curation of snacks ideal for gaming
  • A variety of treats for different occasions - from voice chat to mobile games
  • A cute board game unique in Korea


Jumak Marvel Rule Book

Step 1. Make사약 [sayak] and put it on top of사약 보관소 (that yellow square in the middle of the board). It's a cocktail you have to drink if you lose each mini-game. Feel free to use whatever drink you like


Step 2. Tear off곳간열쇠[gotgan yeolse] cards and place them on 곳간열쇠 카드 모음(that green rectangular box to the bottom right). They're chance cards you can use, if you arrive 곳간열쇠board


Step 3. Fold a token of your choice and put it on출발 [chul bal]. Your goal is to avoid drinking사약* as much as possible!


How to Play?

Step 1. Role the dice and move accordingly. Follow an action of the board you arrive at. Scan the QR code above to get an English translated version


Step 2. After you use곳간열쇠, put it immediately on the bottom of the stack


Step 3. If you arrive뜻밖의 주막[tteotbake jumak], follow the arrow (that dark blue board with a shiny lantern printed on) You have to avoid drinking as much as possible!