This Month's Box: Gamer's Box Is Out Now!

This Month's Box: Gamer's Box Is Out Now!

Hello Seoulmates!

This month's box is finally out: Gamer's Box!

When games become too intense, you may forget to eat or are afraid of crumbs on your keyboard. We have got your back!

Try out our Gamer's Box - it's designed for foodie-gamers just like you!

Our delicious range of snacks and cute goodies will help your lockdown blues. Enjoy a genuine selection of 22 hand-picked treats picked for gamers. No need to worry about sticky fingers and messy keyboards. It'll boost your gaming experience. Bring your playtime to the next level with SeoulBox!



Want a glimpse of snacks featured in this month's box?


Home Run Balls Tiramisu Flavor



 An Italian-inspired mini chou that doesn’t make any sound when eaten and easy to indulge in. An ideal snack for any game that requires voice chat


Pepero Crunky



A thin breadstick dipped in chocolate and crumbles. stick to your fingers and rarely leaves crumbles – a perfect game-snack material


Cheetos Corn Soup One Hand



A unique Cheetos dusted in sweetcorn, cedar cheese, and heavy cream seasoning


Sweet Coffee Dabang Almonds


Dabang stands for a classic coffee shop in Korea. An almond coated with thick sweet coffee chocolate


Jumak Marvel



Jumak is an inn where travelers could chill and sleep in medieval Korea. Host a Jumak-inspired board game in your home! Details and translations uploaded in blog

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