Things You Should Know About Korean Bakeries: 2022 Edition

Things You Should Know About Korean Bakeries: 2022 Edition

Are you a fan of baked goods? Well, you came just in time to enjoy and learn more about Korean Bakeries.

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Although bread was not part of Korean diet before the 80s, it became mainstream due to Paris Baguette bakery. They offered a fusion between Korean flavors and Western technique.

Is there any difference with Western Bakeries?

Western breads tend to be fat zero, crusty and salty. They are made with flour, salt, and a liquid, mainly water but depending on the kind of bread milk can be used. On the other hand, we have Korean style bakery which are known to be soft and sweet.  The main ingredients they use are fat and sugar.

A must try if you plan to visit Korean Bakeries are:

  • ‘Bungeoppang’ (fish-shaped waffles, filled with red bean paste)

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  • ‘Gyeran bbang’ (a type of muffin with a baked egg on top)

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  • ‘Soboro’ (Streusel, filled with red bean, strawberry jam, or sweet potato)

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  • ‘Gukwappang’ (like the Bungeoppang but with a chrysanthemum-flower shape)

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  • ‘Choco pies’ (chocolate covered cookie filled with marshmallow)

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  • ‘Cream Cheese Breads’ (filled with mocha, walnut, almond, red bean)

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This are just to name a few; on a Korean Bakery you can easily find between 200 to 300 different types. We can say South Korea is such a sweet tooth with all their variety of sweet treats that can be find on Bakeries, Cafes, Ice Cream shops (Green Tea Ice cream) and Markets (Deep fried version of Korean pancakes, Honey Candy)!

I’ll go bankruptcy trying them all!

Don’t worry about it you won’t, Korean Bakeries tend to be affordable. On chains like Tous Les Jours you can get delicious croissant for as low as $1 USD, baguettes for $4 USD, pastries for $3 USD, lunch; yes, it is very common to have lunch at a bakery and it will cost you around $6 or $7 for a sandwich with a pastry.

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Western style bread in Korea?

If you already tried Korean style bread, and you feel like having Western style, on the district of Haebangchon on Yongsan-gu, you can find several Western style bakeries and Cafes that offer freshly baked goods. Or there is always the option to try Paris Baguette Bakery which offer a fusion between Korean and western.

Top bakeries in Korea

Paris Baguette

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Established in 1986, in Gwanghwamun, Seoul, Paris Baguette became the No.1 bakery in Korea by 2004. By 2018 more than 3,000 stores had been opened in South Korean. They also have branches on United States, France, China, Vietnam, and Singapore.

They offer a variety of bread, pastries, and cakes for any occasion, you name it.

Tous Les Jours

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They are specialized in French-Asian-inspired baked goods, and with pride they claim all their goods are “passionately made from the finest ingredients” they also claim to offer more than 300 different kind in which you can find, pastries, cakes, desserts and handcrafted beverages.

Currently they have more than 1,650 stores worldwide.

Maybell Backery

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Located in Itaewon, this bakery offers from the most commonly kind of bread to vegan bread, and sugar free; they are characterized by their great quality ingredients. If you plan to visit, go with spare time, you might find a long line to enter. Sometimes they sell out.

Kimyoungmo Gwajajeom

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Another popular Korean Bakery, claimed by some to be one of the best bakeries in Seoul, besides all the local baked goods they offer, you can also find American style, sweet cookies, Cheese Tart.

One product loved by customers is their Baguette Sandwich ($7 - $8 USD). Should we try it?

Dear Bread

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Located near EWHA Woman's University, this bakery is known for their fresh homemade goods, using natural and fresh ingredients, and their overall reasonable prices.

They sell out most of the time, been their Focaccia and Rye bread among others, most loved by customers.

Boulangerie 11-17

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Located in Gangdong-gu, Seoul, they offer affordable sandwiches that have become very popular with time. Some claim it to be one of the best bakeries around the neighborhood, affordable prices, and a variety of goods like bread, macarons, and cakes.

From 11am to 1pm they offer a time sale in which you can get the products cheaper.

Shilla Bakery

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Offering Korean breads, cakes, desserts, and pastries, they fuse traditional Korean concepts with Asian and European influences to offer a completely new experience and delicacies that their customers love!

Their slogan: “When you walk into Shilla Bakery, we have one goal… to please your taste buds”.

If you have a particular kind of bread, pastry or sweet you recommend us to try, share with us below!

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