THE8 Releases Another Contemporary Video Titled “ABYSS”

THE8 Releases Another Contemporary Video Titled “ABYSS”


The8 or Myungho from Seventeen released a surprise contemporary art video for fans yesterday. What’s shocking is that The8 was previously a b-boy dancer but now has become a self-taught contemporary dancer.

It has been over a year since the last video was released. The8 has been working on this project to share his personal stories with his fans in a more profound way.

He shared his first contemporary art video 2 years ago. He choreographed the dance routine by himself and showcased his dance skills. He danced to Billie Eilish’s idontwannabeyouanymore.

In May 2020, he released another video titled “Falling Down”, where he choreographed and wrote the song that is played in the video. The song has an intense rhythm, and strong choreography points are featured. 

The following video is accompanied by Chinese traditional instruments, where he performed gracefully in the forest. The dance routine harmonizes with nature which presents the beginning and innocence. 

The recent video Abyss is linked to his latest single, Hai Cheng. He performed with a group of professional dancers in the video and featured underwater scenes. At the end of the video, he sang a glimpse of the song Hai Cheng which then links the story to the single. 

Once again, fans are mesmerized by The8 when he showcases his professional dancing skills. We are hooked on #8ContemporaryART and look forward to more content from the artists.

Let us know which video left an imprint in your head in the comments below!

Author: Estella

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