The Significance of Zodiac Animals in Seollal (2024: Year of Dragon)

The Significance of Zodiac Animals in Seollal (2024: Year of Dragon)


The Korean zodiac classifications are based on the lunar calendar, and their origins can be traced back to ancient China. Every lunar new year is celebrated in Korea and is called Seollal. 2024 is the year of the Dragon, from February 10th, 2024, to January 29th, 2025. The zodiacs in Western astrology are very different from Chinese/Korean astrology as they follow different systems. These zodiacs are crucial for Koreans, and you can get asked about yours, so let’s find out more about these zodiacs, and you can find your own!

The Korean Zodiac: What Animal Are You?

12 Chinese Zodiacs
12 Chinese Zodiacs

There are 12 animal signs, and the order is repeated every 12 years. When you get asked about your zodiac sign in Korea, they try to understand your personality.

The 12 Korean Zodiac Signs are as follows:

1. “Mouse” (섐, jwi)

The Mouse is considered one of the most clever animal signs of the Korean zodiac. People born in the year of the mouse are believed to be ambitious, charming, inventive, cheerful, and logical. They are highly adaptable and quick to react to change. They also hold a wide range of interests.

2. “Cow” (소, so)

Cow year people are believed to have a strong character, with lots of fearlessness and tolerance. As a tolerant person, someone born in the year of the cow exhibits traits of someone who works hard at work and at home.

3. “Tiger” (혞랑읎, horangi)

Tiger people are described as sensitive, great empathizers, and deep thinkers. However, they are also seen to be short-tempered and slow in decision-making. And while they are greatly respected as zodiacs, they also tend to conflict with those older or of higher authority.

4. “Rabbit” (토끌, tokki)

People born in the year of the rabbit are viewed as friendly and empathetic, with a tendency to be great communicators and good teachers. However, they are also quite introverted and private, often needing space. The Year of the Rabbit is regarded as a lucky year among Koreans.

5. “Dragon” (용, yong)

People born in the dragon years are perceived as ambitious and dominant, also having a great sense of humor. Dragons prefer to set their own rules to live by, and when allowed to do so, they often emerge victorious. They’re brave and not afraid to take on challenges. A high level of passion drives them.

6. “Snake” (뱀, baem)

People born in the year of the snake are viewed as the most collected of all the animals in the zodiac. In addition, they are also the most introspective, intuitive, and refined.

7. “Horse” (말, mal)

Most people born in the year of the horse are considered popular and highly adaptable. This is thanks to their cheerfulness and perceptiveness, although they might talk excessively. They’re regarded as wise, talented, impatient, and stubborn and rarely listen to advice.

8. “Sheep” (양, yang)

The people born in the year of the sheep are considered intelligent, calm, dependable, compassionate, and creative. However, they can also be shy and pessimistic and enjoy spending much of their time alone. They also like being in groups, although they would rather not have the spotlight.

9. “Monkey” (원숭읎, wonsungi)

People born in the year of the Monkey are considered the most clever of all the signs, even more so than the mouse. You could even describe them as geniuses. They are not only excellent at assessing risks and problems but also at solving them. In general, they are quick to make decisions. They are admirably inventive, flexible, and skillful.

10. “Rooster” (닭, dak)

Roosters are excellent at making decisions and are also outspoken. However, they can also be extravagant and may get caught ambitiously daydreaming. During the year of the rooster, you’ll have to put in a lot of hard work to maintain new partnerships and friendships.

11. “Dog” (개, gae)

People born in the year of the dog are believed to possess all the best traits in human nature. They are honest, responsible, and highly loyal, and it is the easiest to trust them. They also do not give any thought to money, although interestingly enough, they don’t seem to run short of it.

12. “Pig” (돌지, dwaeji)

Finally, we have the year of the pig. You can assume people born in the year of the pig to be polite, thoughtful, and as loyal as one can be. They will only have a few good friends, but those friendships will likely last a lifetime. They love to discover new information but only talk a little. The year of the pig is thought to be filled with luck and fertility.


Check the below image to find out about your Korean zodiac!

Korean zodiac
Korean Zodiac Years


Lunar New Year, Seollal, In Korea

Seollal is one of the most important traditional holidays in Korean culture. This holiday is spent mainly with families, just like Chuseok. Many Koreans travel to their families during this period. There is a particular type of greeting called Sebae, which is the act of kneeling on the ground and bowing to elders to wish them a happy new year. People usually wear hanbok, traditional Korean clothes, while doing this greeting. When bowing, they say 새핎 ëł” 많읎 받윌섞요 (saehae bok mani badeuseyo), which means “Have lots of luck in the new year.”

Lunar New Year Greetings
Lunar New Year Greetings


The Year of the Dragon


 In Korean culture, the Dragon symbolizes courage, extraordinariness, and hope. The Year of the Dragon holds a special place in the Chinese zodiac as it is believed to bring a variety of unique traits, such as ambition and passion. People born under the Dragon sign are known for their vital self-assurance, dependability, and decisiveness—essential for success. But the brave quality that allows them to take chances and accept constant challenges without fear of failing also contributes to their successful life. They enjoy being with others and supporting them through difficult times since they have an innate sense of sympathy and humor. However, exercise caution while provoking them, as they are also renowned for having short-fused tempers. The Dragon’s best friends include Rooster, Rat, and Monkey.

According to Chinese astrology, those born in the Year of the Dragon may have different personality features and ultimate fate. Dragon infants are said to have lucky lives where everything falls into place for them. They are said to have a successful life path filled with accomplishments, acknowledgment, and the accomplishment of both personal and professional objectives.

The idea that those born under the dragon sign will live long and prosperous lives is further supported by the dragon's associations with vigor and longevity. When a dragon baby is born, families frequently commemorate the occasion with unique customs and rituals meant to bring blessings and guarantee a successful future.

Korean celebrities who are born on the Year of the Dragon:


Changmin of TVXQ!

Kim Jong-kook


Korean celebrities born in the Year of the Dragon 


Zodiacs are an essential part of Korean culture, and the Year of the Dragon remains a powerful emblem expressed globally and via mythology, art, and other mediums. As we conclude this blog, The dragon has a timeless significance in many cultures, evidenced by its resilience, adaptability, and universal appeal. May the spirit of the dragon continue to inspire many across borders, embracing the beauty of tradition and bringing luck and success to us all.





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