‘The ReVe Festival – Feel My Rhythm’ Red Velvet Comeback!

‘The ReVe Festival – Feel My Rhythm’ Red Velvet Comeback!

March will be a month full of comebacks with several K-pop bands, next on the list are the K-pop girl group Red Velvet! Yesterday March 1, 2022, it was announced with a teaser on the group’s Twitter account.

'The ReVe Festival – Feel My Rhythm' seems to be the chosen name for their comeback on March 21. In the teaser we have some easter eggs related to past releases like the cat’s tail wiggling behind the plant watering can or the globe with a carrousel horse, it also shows a colorful display with an antique feeling, like the one shown on The ReVe Festival: Prologue.

Meanwhile more details, pictures and why not teaser songs are released before their comeback, here is one of the idols hit song for you to enjoy:

Red Velvet ‘Queendom’

Are you enchanted with Red Velvet’s comeback?

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