The Trendiest Cafés in Jeju 2021

The Trendiest Cafés in Jeju 2021

Jeju island is a diverse island that transforms its appearance every day. So if you are someone who loves clicking pictures or love exploring foods then these cafes are a must-visit cause they are very trendy that will enrich your trip to Jeju, according to the regional district. Hunt the coolest spots and dive into the fairy pitta, Jeju island!

There you go:

1. Espresso Lounge Jeju

If you love a cafe that gives a royal vibe then this two-story café has royal and authentic style here you can spend your leisure, take photos, and relax as much as you can.

Signature Menu: coffee, bread, tart


2. Café Delmoondo

This cafe is very trendy as it is situated exactly in front of Hamdeok Beach, you can view the beach perfectly and comfortably sitting in a fluffy & soft chair of this café. 

Signature Menu: coffee, fondant au chocolat, Jeju carrot pound cake


3. Café Hallasan

Café Hallasan is established right in front of the famous Sehwa Beach, which is one of the most precious beaches for its placidness. Also, don't forget to take a signature photo putting yourself inside the TV!

Signature Menu: carrot cake, hallabong(tangerine) tea


4. Café Mustache

Do you love beaches? Of course, you do that's why you are planning for Jeju. Well, Jeju s all about nature's scenic beauty just like the cafe. This café is established in front of Woljeongri Beach, which is famous for its sea jewels and relaxing waves. Grab a macaron and witness the waves!

Signature Menu: macarons, strawberry-flavored milk


5. Café Heesang

Hey, all foodie seoulmates this cafe has its unique style crafted with wood. We bet if you love adventure then you gonna love this cozy cafe which severs great foods as well.

Signature Menu: oreo ice flakes, coffee


Do comment down below and let us know if you would like to visit these most trendies cafes of 2021 or not!

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