The Land of the Morning Calm

The Land of the Morning Calm

Is Korea on your travel bucket list? Do you find yourself falling more in love with it after every Kdrama episode or when you discover cute terms like Unnie and Oppa? This winter discover epic sides of Korea with a tour guide made just for you! From popular restaurants to hidden spots, SeoulBox will bring Korea closer to your world.


An army marches on its stomach. So what better place to start! Here are a few must-dine places:

★ Hadongkwan: rich Gomtang (beef soup) with 70 years of history

★ Sungsimdang: famous for fried Soboro (roasted peanut butter crumbles) bread

★ Samjineomuk: Hundreds of unique fishcakes; since 1953


Since our hunger is solved, we can get back to important business, Kpop! The epicenter of this world welcomes you to join a unique Kpop star experience program. Here you can take dance/vocal classes like your idol. Craft a dream souvenir by recording your fav Kpop song like a professional. This includes the outfit too!


If you are a Kdrama lover and have one or two ‘ult bias’ series, voilà, you’ve found your home here! From 'My Love From Another Star' to 'Goblin' to 'The Moon That Embraces The Sun', visit the locations where these romantic scenes were taken. Live out your Kdrama dream for an unforgettable experience! Featured is the Hantangang Sky Bridge from a drama 'Secretary Kim'.


When it comes to filming locations, Min Sok Chon, a Korean folk village, is a must-go! It's become famous for Kdramas, but there are several fun activities you can't miss out on. Here you will find fun cultural figures similar to Disneyland’s characters. From a noble lady to a farmer boy to even a beggar roaming around there, they will help take you back to the dynastic days. Feel free to say hi to them.


Or, if you want to experience a vibrant night out in Seoul, Hongdae is the place to see. It's known as the hippest part of Korea At night, the street is filled with dancers performing and lit up with flashy shop and clubs. Don't forget about the budget-friendly takeout vendors dotted all over! Feel like visiting Korea next year? We'd love to see you there!

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