The ISACs' Comeback Just in Time for Chuseok!

The ISACs' Comeback Just in Time for Chuseok!


You’ve heard it right. After a dull 3 years without everyone’s favorite athletics programming starring all your favorite idols, The ISAC (Idol Star Athletics Championships) are making a triumphant return.

MBC confirmed this news on Friday June 17th and said that while ‘‘it’s true - [they are] still in the process of discussing details’’ and warned us that not all details were set-in-stone.

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The last time the ISACs were held was back in January of 2020, before the pandemic put an unfortunate halt on productions. Though there were spin-off productions that took place in that empty 3 years, there was mourning for the program that aired twice a year before COVID-19 affected the broadcast industry across the board.

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But alas, we are getting our long awaited Chuseok special for the ISACs this year, and who knows for after that. We don’t know which idols will be participating, nor what exactly will be the same and what will be different per new COVID regulations that have become the new normal in the broadcasting industry.

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

Nevertheless, are you excited to see your favorite Idols compete against each other, doused in sweat and proving their physical prowess? We definitely are!

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