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Did you know that BTS's final line-up was supposed to have eight members?

In a recent video interview released by VICE Asia, Kim Ji-hun shared the heartfelt stories of his trainee days with the BTS members and how it impacted his life after being cut from the team.



On the day he was informed that he could not be part of the group, Ji-hun wondered if he was ever good enough. He trained so hard, sometimes until dawn. He was left distraught. When the members heard the news, they comforted him and felt a sense of guilt. 

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He mentioned that they use to stay in a dorm together, he and J-hope would share a bunk whereas RM and Suga shared another. 

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Photos of him and the members were shared through the video as they visited him on his graduation day. 

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Now, he lives a normal life working at the Korean Veterans Health Service as an intern. He is from Wonju City where he had a call for an audition and passed through the first round. Ji-hun moved to Seoul when he was only 18 years old where he was filled with excitement and uncertainty. 

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As it was a dream to become an idol, he lost it in a blink of an eye. But he motivated himself and does content creation where he uploads videos on his YouTube channel and goes by the name Bitoon

He shares his trainee stories and what his relationship was like with the members of BTS. 

Besides that, he even reacted to BTS videos where they performed at MMA in 2018.

In the interview, he invited another former trainee to join him at the restaurant where they used to eat after training. 

They sit and reminisce on the early days as Big hit trainees. Ji Hwan-hang one of the BTS trainee’s shared that he does not regret not making it to the team.

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He continued by saying that he was not as passionate as the other BTS members and would probably not make it big if he was part of the group. 

At the end of the video, Ji-hun mentioned that his goal is to throw a massive party with all the people he spent his trainee days with as those days spent together with them were the happiest memories of his whole life. 

You can watch his full interview here:



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