The Dating Diaries Korea: First Time…… Drinking!

The Dating Diaries Korea: First Time…… Drinking!


Be ready to know how I ruined someone's liver in one night! I matched with a boy who lived away from Seoul. We talked for a few weeks, and he mentioned moving to Seoul for work. After some weeks and decent conversations, we decided to meet once he was back in Seoul, and… the day finally arrived!

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It was a Friday night in Hongdae, so at least you deserved to have a drink. The "problem" is that it was raining a lot, and in Korea, it is typical to eat Pajeon and Makgeolli on rainy days (it's said that the sound of the pajeon cooking sounds like the rain when it falls… how romantic!). 

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So, keeping with the tradition, we went to a tiny local pajeon place in Hongdae. We were going for our second Makgeolli bottle when he confessed he had never had alcohol before (he's 29). Okay, I respect everyone's decision but… boy! Why had he never told me that before? Why was he drinking that much if it was his first time?! I panicked for a second and tried to be sure he was completely fine with what he was doing. Luckily, he was super into it. He said he wanted to go out and have fun like "normal people," and he was enjoying the experience. 

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After that, we finished the food, and I took him to a bar! My two friends and some other boys were there, so we spent hours chatting, drinking, and having a lot of fun. Everything was fine until suddenly he stood up to go to the bathroom but... let's say he didn't walk straight. I took him out for some fresh air, hoping this would calm him down, before ordering a taxi for him.

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We were walking down the streets, and even though I tried to persuade him to get a taxi, we magically ended up doing a line for a club. Of course, that was his first time going clubbing too, and he was feeling it! He should have gone home, but honestly, he was having so much fun that I felt bad! 

I have to say that the guard almost didn't let him in. When they checked their ID, he handled his credit card instead, so the guard was like… "wtf, boy…". I talked with the guard, and he was okay with him going in, but we had to buy a shot for him as compensation! 

We went to the club but stayed there only for ten minutes! That was too much for him. His face was red, and his eyes were wide open; I think he was fascinated with everything that was going on around him. The only thing he reminds of that night is a group of shirtless Korean boys dancing. Besides that, he blacked out! 

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So kids, don't follow his example. If you have never drunk before, just do it slowly or you won't remember anything the following day!

Author: L.S.

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Sarah Seebacher

I love the story I love how it funny and teach you a lesson at the same time and I hope to meet or make Korean friend one day


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