The Best Way To Drink Soju

The Best Way To Drink Soju

Soju is a clear, colorless distilled alcoholic beverage of Korea. Soju is a customary Korean soul that is best served cold. It is likewise the top-of-the-line liquor on the planet. Bundled in an exemplary green glass bottle, it tastes unbiased like American Vodka. In the event that you are in Korea, or in the company of Koreans, you ought to follow the customs of social sharing when drinking soju. Not after these practices might seem to be an affront to elderly folks and bosses. Outside Korea, it's OK to not follow the customary drinking custom, yet it is always pleasant to do in any case! 

Some interesting facts about Soju:

1. Soju has been the smash hit cocktail on the planet for over 10 years

2. During Chosun, soju was extremely well known because it impacted the public pace of rice utilization and frightened the public authority.

3. There is a huge load of Korean melodies that have to do with drinking soju!

4. Korean individuals supposedly drink a normal of 13.7 shots each week.

5. It is multiple times more grounded than typical lager in liquor content

Here are 5 ways you can drink Soju:

1. Somaek (Soju bombs)

This must be the most straightforward Soju mixed drink to make, just on the grounds that you just need 2 fixings - Soju and brew. Any Soju flavors with any lager are fine, however, we would suggest a lighter brew like Carlsberg, Heineken, or Budweiser.

Recommended Mix:

1/2 glass loaded up with larger of your decision

2 shots of soju (more assuming that you feel additional heavy drinker)


2. Yoghurt Soju Blast

Another stunning and straightforward method for drinking soju better. Yakult is normally known as a child drink, however, adding some to your Soju can truly open up another world to you. Presently as the name recommends, it is only a combination of soju and yogurt. However, assuming you like a little bubble in your beverage, you can add some Sprite to it.

Recommended mix: (with Sprite)

1/2 glass filled with Yakult (or Vitagen)

2 shots of soju

a splash of Sprite

Without Sprite:

1/2 glass filled with Yakult

2 shots of soju


3. Cojinganmek (Cola + Soju + Beer)

An exceptionally intriguing turn to the first Soju Bomb. The beverage begins with the flavor of brew and soju, yet leisurely you'll taste the invigorating pleasantness of the Coke. Caution: Do not be deluded by the way that this beverage tastes, a couple of these can get you thumped down before long!

Recommended mix:

Fill 90% of glass with Beer of your choice

2 shots of soju

A splash of Coke for the fizz


4. Enerzizer (Soju + Red bull)

On the off chance that you are having a night out with your pack, Jager bombs are typically the go-to drink. However, this variety can be a possible substitution for the individuals who hate the hack syrup-like taste of Jagermeister. This empowering beast will keep you going throughout the evening. This mixed drink can be somewhat excessively sweet, so we suggest adding a little water or ice to weaken the pleasantness.

Recommended mix:

Fill 40% of glass with soju

Another 40% of Red bull

20% water if you don't like the sweetness of the Red bull


5. Soju Latte

Consider espresso darlings! On the off chance that you figured espresso must be combined with Baileys, you are not really good or bad off-base. We were dicey with regards to this combination at the very beginning, yet it turned out shockingly well. The soju gave an additional kick to the espresso without demolishing the fragrance of the espresso.

Recommended mix: 

1/2 glass of Coffee

2 shots of soju

Consider this as a genuine trial of how alcoholic you are. That is to say, assuming you're adding liquor into espresso, something should be truly happening in your life huh? However, what difference does it make?

What you are going to try first? Let us know in the comment section.




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